Strike Looming at 14 State-Owned Universities

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BLOOMSBURG -- The clock is ticking and a strike is nearing for schools like Bloomsburg University in Columbia County.

It's one of 14 state-owned universities with faculty that could strike Wednesday morning.

So far there has been no deal between the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the union that represents faculty.

According to the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties, more than 5,000 teachers and coaches have been working with an expired contract for 476 days.

Students on campus are starting to worry about the strike with the deadline being so soon.

"In a public school, I kind of supported it. Now that I'm actually in college and I'm actually paying for it, it's not really a good thing," Bryan Cumbo said.

According to the Pennsylvania State System for Higher Education, participating in a strike is up to each faculty member. By law, they also have the right to stay in the classroom to teach.

Students say they still plan to head to class even if there's a strike.

"My biology class I have a big test on Friday. They're still going to keep the class. For my geography class, they're canceling it," Christopher Lozado said.

College senior Tyler Sebastian is standing behind his teachers. He hopes faculty members get what they deserve.

"They've been fighting for better healthcare, better salaries, and a lot of them truly deserve it," Sebastian said.

The strike deadline is 5 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, if a strike happens each university has developed a response plan.

The goal is to keep the 14 college campuses open and to keep students on schedule to completing their degrees.


    • Master Revan

      We, the students, pay enough in tuition! If anything it should be reduced by 50% and books should be included. You’re derision calling college students kids is unfounded, and I do not have my parents fighting my battles. I support the faculty’s decision to protest because we need more demonstrations against our corrupt government. They have more than enough money, but all the cash goes into a black hole. Never to be seen again. Thank you very little, troll.

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