Police: Man Steals Two Vehicles, Leads Police on Chase in Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Police say a man from Scranton took off from the Monroe County Courthouse and stole two vehicles after sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest him on a warrant.

Officers said Anthony McGuire, 32, of Scranton was at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg Monday morning for an unrelated incident. While he was there, sheriff’s deputies discovered there was a warrant for his arrest out of Lackawanna County. When they tried to arrest him, he took off.

Police said McGuire dragged the driver from a UGI truck and drove off in it. A little ways away, McGuire allegedly ditched that truck and stole another car in Stroud Township.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, McGuire crashed the car on Route 196 in Coolbaugh Township after being chased by police. He was flown to the hospital.

Stroud Area Regional Police filed charges against McGuire for robbery of a motor vehicle, robbery, flight to avoid apprehension, unauthorized use of automobiles.


  • jim

    I think he wanted back in the lock up, probably was looking for his 3 meals a day and some R&R. What he should get is some hard labor, then he might not be so anxious to get back in on the inside.

    • Not a Walk in the Park

      Going to jail doesn’t mean free room & board. The prisoner has to pay for daily room & board, which has to be paid upon release. His family has to fill his canteen fund in order for him to purchase writing materials, snacks and pay for telephone calls. Family can’t provide him with these things, everything is bought through the canteen, which in one case is run by the judge’s daughter, who also owns the telephone company throught which all prisoner calls must go through at outrageous rates. Now, this was known to be true roughly 6 years ago, perhaps that particular facility has changed this. I know everyone is thinking, “serves him right.” However, this is not rehabilitation, if that is what our judicial system is trying to accomplish. The person leaves jail already financially ruined and still has to pay court & fine fees. He hasn’t earned any income for the time period he was incarcerated. So where does he get the money? Then too, if he got a felony it stays with him the rest of his life, making it difficult to get good employment and a place to live. I think his incarceration is payment enough. Perhaps not the place to post this; but I have heard and read about people thinking that these guys getting a free ride and want people to know this is not true.

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