Flags a ‘Centerpiece’ on University of Scranton Campus

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SCRANTON -- Three flagpoles are now the centerpiece of the University of Scranton's revamped student walkway.

It's the first time the American, state, and university flags have flown over campus together.

The red, white, and blue now have their rightful place on the University of Scranton's campus. Three flags were the finishing touch on the new University Commons.

“First and foremost, it reminds us all that we are Americans, that we have freedoms here that no other country in the world experiences, and that’s symbolized by the American flag. And of course, we’re residents of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so the commonwealth is here, too. And another important fact is that we’re all members of the university community,” said Jim Devers, University of Scranton.

Members of the university's ROTC program were the first to hoist the three new flags over campus. The walkway was just finished a few weeks ago.

“I think it’s very nice. It’s a really good centerpiece of the campus, having the flag, all three flags as the centerpiece of campus really brings it together,” said Cadet Capt. Sarah Thomas, Army ROTC student.

The University of Scranton has had the same flag pole since the 1950s. University officials say it’s off the beaten path and it deserved an upgrade.

“This was a great spot. It’s just a formal axis between east and west, north and south and this is an ideal location for the flagpoles,” Devers added.

The new flagpole terrace will replace the old one. Students say it's already become a place to meet up or relax in between classes.

“Having it at the center of campus just unifies everything. Now, people will pass it every day. It will be lit at night. People will look up. I think they will have more pride,” added Thomas.