Toddler Hit and Killed Outside Home in Lycoming County

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- A family near Williamsport is devastated after a 2-year-old child was killed when a relative ran over her late Saturday afternoon.

State police said the toddler was hit by a relative driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck. He was parked along the road in the Harvest Moon Mobile Home Park near Williamsport. He had driven less than 20 feet when he hit the little girl, who state police say was in the roadway.

With how high the truck is from the ground, the driver told state police he did not see the toddler when he hit her. She was only as tall as his front bumper.

The coroner identified the little girl as Shelby Folse. We briefly spoke to her family. They believe this is a tragedy all around and a freak accident that they are struggling to deal with.

The family is from Louisiana and has only been here a few weeks for work on a nearby pipeline project.

Some people who live in this community along Route 220 are struggling to process the tragedy.

“Being so close and having kids myself, I couldn’t imagine what the family is going through and what they are feeling,” said Richard Ruch of Woodward Township.

“I feel bad for the family and the person that hit her. I mean, it’s got to be shocking,” said a neighbor.

Some neighbors did not want to be identified but did want to extend their condolences and support for the family.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with them. And I hope that they can find a way to deal with everything.”

One woman bought a teddy bear for the 2 year old.

“It’s white because she’s an angel. She’s one of God’s angels now. I’m going to put a pink ribbon on it for her,” she said.

She planned on placing it where the little girl died to start a memorial.

The driver of the pickup who hit the toddler has not been charged by state police. It's unclear if anyone in the family will be charged or cited.


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    Thank you to everyone who has prayed for their family. But those of you that are commenting ignorant remarks .. understand this – this report is wrong it shows a road they don’t even live on and Shelbie WAS NOT in the road .. they have lost their daughter, their son has lost his sister, their niece, their granddaughter .. the last thing they should have to read is ignorant rude comments .. so please if you are not going to pray for them or say anything about their family being in your thoughts and prayers i am asking you please do NOT say a word. They are good parents, a nice family. Just please pray for all them.

  • Rose

    Some of you really need to read the whole article before making stupid comments. Most of you are adding your own things that weren’t even in the article. Why can’t most of you just actually see this was an accident and stop making it more then what it was. There are no charges on the driver because even the cops feel it was an accident.

    • Ask a stupid question...

      Some kids can actually walk at two years old. Obviously not in your family but it does happen elsewhere.

      • justwondering1234

        In a strange way your reply has answered my question. I was questioning PARENTING, and not the child’s ability to walk ! And by the way, both my children started walking at 10months under the watchful eye of responsible parents and/or guardians of our choice!!!! You have the responsibility to know where your kids are (or even your animals for that matter!)

  • Rose

    This is absolutely a very sad accident. Not one of us knows the full details on how this all came about. Some of you are saying where were the parents for all we know the parents could of been running to get the child before the child went into the road. And if this is the case put yourselves in their shoes having to watch their child get ran over and die in front of them. Why do so many people automatically assume every parent is bad when a child dies. We all know how quick a toddler can get away from you. No parent is perfect.

  • Deborah Lose

    This is a terrible tragedy and what would filing charges serve ? This family has suffered the most traumatic loss any family could possibly endure . The person who hit her is suffering enough and will have to live with this for the rest of his life . Everytime he sees this family or hears her name will relive this nightmare. Nothing will ever be the same for any of them . May this little Angel rest in peace and may whoever has been touched by this tragedy find comfort.

  • elizabeth ann harmon

    why was the 2yr old outside by herself where was the parents they should’ve been outside watching her instead of being inside it’s not the neighbors responsible to keep an eye on other nieghbor kids but my heart goes to out to them anyway

    • Lacey

      If he really didn’t see the child then how could it have been prevented and why should he be charged? The child was
      Obviously in the care of another caregiver where were they?

      • no excuses

        Maybe the driver shouldn’t have been playing “tough guy” with his big, lifted up truck. If it was too much truck for him, and couldn’t drive it safely, then perhaps he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.

  • luigi cantore

    WNEP reporters need some training. Instead of always concentrating on “reaction” shots from neighbours, how about some FACTS about what happened: how was the toddler in the street alone?

    • justiceserved

      For real! I lost count how many times i see young children completely unsupervised just wandering around, or too close the street while the adults are too busy yabbering or not even around! As slow as i drive by when i see kids i still get glares from “adults” monitoring them from what 50 feet away?!?!?

  • Sam

    So sad, and a terrible tragedy.
    Following work to make a living and a better life for themselves and now they’re hearts are broken.

    Condolences to the family

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