Deadly Shooting at Sherman Hills Apartment Complex

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police cars with lights flashing surrounded Sherman Hills, along Parkview Circle in Wilkes-Barre. Police say a man was shot in the torso just after 8 p.m. Sunday. He died at the scene. The killer is still on the loose.

The coroner identified the victim as Victor Grandy, 32, of Rockaway, New York.

Arthur Nolan lives there and heard it happen.

“I knew it was gunshots. You can always tell. You can always tell the kind of bang it is because we've gotten used to it by now,” Nolan said.

The seven-year Sherman Hills resident tells Newswatch 16 things got better after an ownership change in 2014 and a crime crackdown, but he feels everyone has gotten "complacent."

One resident said the key to Sherman Hills life is simple.

“If you mind your business and do what you do, you don't have to nothing to worry about,” said Iszhane Ford.

Key Jeffrey said it's all relative. He doesn't live at Sherman Hills, but he does live in this Wilkes-Barre neighborhood. He recently moved here from Brooklyn, New York.

“The neighborhood I come from is kind of rough. I'd say it's a walk in the park,” said Jeffrey.

Police say an argument led to the gunfire. They have not said what that argument was about.

There are several cameras along Empire Court, the street leading into Sherman Hills. Police have not said if those cameras captured images of the killer.


  • Tom J.

    “he recently moved here from Brooklyn New York”. Why do these losers move to this area??? For the good jobs?? Oh, I forgot, they don’t work. I’ll ask the question again, Why??
    Stay the heck in New York and leave us alone. We don’t want to waste the money on doubling the size of the prison or handing out more welfare to you bums.

  • Booty

    Nope…nope….nope you have it all wrong…..I’m sure the last name of the perp. Is O’malley, O’Brian, Murphy, O’leary……..those pesky Irish…….I mean come on….menendez-Rico-colon-perez, are all innocent outstanding members of the Sherman hill cultural society,

  • Writer Girl

    This place is always in the news? What’s the problem there? This place should clean house and start all over again with decent people. Either that, or shut the dump down!

  • Don't live in WB

    Burn Sherman Hills down. Send them back to NYC. No wait, keep giving them more than what NY state does, that’s the answer.

  • cncr456

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    • Scott Schaffer's Huge Bald Spot

      Holy smokes! They even stole your vowels, here you can have my a, o, and u; I have plenty of spares.


    First thing on a Monday morning an incident at sherman hills, why am I not surprised. When are the decent citizens going to wake up and start to decry suck abhorrent behavior? The insipid behavior of the scofflaw goons is repugnant. The acts of the goons an illegals there is a pestiferous issue plaguing our society. If only there was a way to make sherman hills some soft of detention center or camp where we could concentrate the detestable undesirables and make sure they wern’t allowed out so that the rest of society can live in peace.

  • Franklin P.

    how can we avoid this chaos?——be a Dad to your kids, be faithful to your wife, get a job, obey the laws, respect authority, live peacefully with your neighbor, no porn or video games and only take govt. assistance if you absolutely need to. Are my suggestions to harsh? I don’t think so.

    • Givemeabreak

      No video games. LOL. I know they are the gateway entertainment choice for murderes.
      How do you explain all the murders before Super Mario though? It must have been the porn.
      Only from Screw-Berry.

    • dinn do nuffins

      I don’t see any problems at Sherman Hills. They’re finally learning how to successfully hit their target. It use to be a problem when they were missing their thug or only wounding him. Its a great morning in Wilkesbarre. Keep up the great work gangstas!

      • Peace

        Oops! Your racism is showing. Do you take your racism to work everyday or do you only display it in blogs hiding behind silly sarcasm ?

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