Get Ready to Pay to Park on Saturdays

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BLOOMSBURG -- If you plan to drive in Bloomsburg on Saturdays, be prepared to pay when you park.

Ready Go Burrito is a busy restaurant on Main Street in Bloomsburg. The business does not have its own parking lot, so customers and employees park on the street, and must feed the parking meters.

"If you're busy you can't go out and feed the meters and if you're like two minutes late you get a ticket so it sucks," Nicole Betz said.

Employee Nicole Betz says the restaurant is open all day on Saturdays. Starting this weekend, parking enforcement officers will ticket anyone who does not keep the meters fed. That's because recently town council passed an ordinance increasing parking meter times to Saturdays.

"I'm here all day so I have to pay for parking all day and now on Saturdays too, so it's just a little bit too much I think," Betz said.

"Never ever have you had to pay for parking on Saturday," Ronnie Spuesens said.

The Dutch Wheelman Bicycle Shop has its own parking lot, but employees say many customers still use the meters. Employees think the new ordinance could keep customers away.

"We never had any trouble but I can see why people would stay away from the downtown," Spuesens said.

A quarter used to buy you an hour to park in Bloomsburg, but now it only buys you a half hour. The people who we spoke with aren't happy about that, either.

"We're in an economic slump and every penny counts," Kenneth Auchter said.

Auchter comes to Bloomsburg almost every day and says feeding the meters on Saturdays will be a burden. Saturday, October 15 is the first day you are required to pay to park in Bloomsburg.