ESU Unveils App Offering More Safety on Campus

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EAST STROUDSBURG UNIVESITY -- East Stroudsburg University unveiled a new app that could help students stay safe on campus.

LiveSafe is an app designed for students to be able to press a button to dial 9-1-1.

Students will also be able to text information to police about suspicious activity. LifeSafe has GPS monitoring that will be able to let authorities track a students whereabouts in case of emergencies.

Another feature the app offers, lets students connect at night so they can walk in groups across campus after dark.

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    I’ve got the original safety app, the Smith & Wesson .45. No goon or illegal is going to get the jump on me. I made sure my daughters all knew how defend themselves if the need arises. They wont become another statistic that could have been avoided if our exiting president made a sensible move to kick out all these undesirable types of people.

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