Simple Message to Get Lions Club Roaring Again

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DUNMORE -- In this digital age, there's something refreshing about sending a message with a hand-painted sign.

A man in Dunmore hopes his message brings back another old tradition: volunteerism.

Despite their bright yellow and purple color, a set of benches on Dunmore corners have blended into the scenery over their 34 years there.

The benches, put there by the Dunmore Lions Club, now have an urgent message. "The Lions need your help," it reads, "Call Joe."

Angela Burke's daughter painted them last week.

"I actually kind of volunteered my daughter for this because she is an artist. She complained and said, 'No one`s going to read these!' and I said, 'You`ll be surprised!' A lot of people have commented already," Burke said.

The owner of the phone number on the bench, Joe Formica, sure was surprised when he got a call from Newswatch 16.

Formica's house in Dunmore has a lot of that same purple and yellow paint -  the color of the Lions Club.  It's the story of his life, and now his latest mission.

"When I became a member, you couldn't go to a meeting unless you had a sport coat on, a tie, and a shirt," Formica said.

He wants to restore the Dunmore Lions Club to its former glory. The club needs more active members or members will lose their charter.  Formica won't allow that to happen.  He chose the benches he built back in 1982 as his "social media."

"If I could have 15 to 20 members, I would be happy. I would die happy right then and there because it would make our club strong again!" Formica told Newswatch 16.

If not strong in numbers then strong in will, hoping that some young people get the message.

"I think it's really important for young people to get involved in this sort of stuff because they have no one to pass the baton to. It's crucial that you get involved in this kind of community service," Angela Burke added.