Former Cop Sentenced in Deadly Crash in Carbon County

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JIM THORPE -- Steven Homanko was sentenced to three to 23 months in Carbon County Jail for a deadly crash that killed Carola Sauers from Hazleton.

In court, the former Nesquehoning cop begged for forgiveness.

The husband of the victim begged for justice that he feels he didn't get.

"I don't think justice was done at all today. I can't see how a mere 1 1/2 months in prison with a chance of parole comes anywhere close to what I would consider to be justice."

That's what Michael Sauers of Hazleton had to say about the sentence for the man responsible for the crash that killed his wife Carola in 2014.

Steven Homanko, a former Nesquehoning cop, pleaded guilty to charges includes vehicular homicide.

"I think the criminal justice system has failed severely here and it sends a wrong message certainly to me and my family about justice and I don't think the public is going to be pleased with this and I think it sends a wrong message to police," said Sauers.

Homanko didn't have anything to say as he was taken out of the courthouse in Jim Thorpe.

But in the courtroom, it was a different story. Homanko cried and begged for forgiveness.

"I did not mean to inflict harm to you or your family. On May 12, my life, more importantly, your life changed drastically," said Homanko. "My emotions overtook my common sense."

In May of 2014, witnesses told state police they spotted Homanko speeding and driving carelessly on Route 209 in Nesquehoning.

Homanko was chasing a vehicle that he felt had illegally passed another vehicle.

Homanko lost control of his police cruiser and crashed head-on into Sauer's car.

The investigation found Homanko had been going about 113 mph prior to the crash.

Michael Sauers tells Newswatch 16 that day and this one will live with him forever.

"I was looking for some justice for Carol and it didn't occur to the degree I wanted it to occur, so not a good day," said Sauers.

Steven Homanko's mother, grandmother, and aunt also spoke in court, all asking the judge to be lenient.

A warden will decide if he can be let out on house arrest after a month and a half of time served.

Homanko must turn himself in to the Carbon County jail on Saturday night.


  • Officer TOAD LESLIE

    What Mr Sauers doesn’t understand is that here in Carbon County we exercise our blue privilege. All police are heros no matter the circumstance. Officer Homanko should do his entire house arrest having a pina colada on the beach somewhere. In fact I might call my old contacts in Jim Thorpe and see if detective Marzen can stop talking to the teenage girls working behind the counter at the turkey hill just for long enough to book the flight to the islands for him.

  • tom

    Typical politicians taking care of their own. This punks father is also a District Justice I guess that is the way system works, anyone else would have been hung out to dry. His emotions didn’t take over for his common sense, he has no common sense only arrogance. Typical small town punk cop

    • Bill K.

      His blue life used to matter. Since he took another one in such a careless, preventable way his life don’t mean anything to me anymore. Hope all the fellow convicts find out he was a cop and give him a right and proper prison greeting.

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