No Trick! Free Halloween Candy in Pike County

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MILFORD -- Halloween is coming soon, and no doubt kids are salivating for the candy.

But if the demand outweighs supply in part of Pike County, there’s a treat in store for residents.

The streets in downtown Milford will be teeming with trick-or-treaters in less than three weeks. You know the tradition: door to door, goodie bags in hand, all in full costume.

But with hundreds of children holding out their hands every year, it can be a frightening proposition to have enough candy on hand.

“There’s a couple of retired people come out from 3-5 and then all shut down,” said Maryann Gilpin.

For 30-plus years now, Maryann Gilpin's home has been a stop along the Halloween night route in Milford. Gilpin admits it costs a pretty penny to supply all those sweets with many families from outside the borough swarming homes downtown.

“I do get between 1,000 and 1,500 kids per year,” she said.

In steps the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. For the second year, its office is accepting donations of candy that will be distributed to homes on Halloween.

“They go through candy in an hour. They start trick or treating at 4 o’clock and by 6 o’clock, some of the doors are shut and lights off because they ran out of candy,” said chamber president Jody Welsh.

Fifty families got candy last year to hand out, each with 1,000 pieces of candy. This year, the chamber hopes to double the number of families who get the good stuff.

“It’s expensive, very expensive. If the town is willing to ease the burden a little bit, I think that’s wonderful,” said Alexandra Mills of Milford.

The candy donation program was so popular last year in Milford that the Pike County Chamber of Commerce decided to expand it this year to Matamoras.