Meet ‘Baby Trump,’ The Tot Who Stole the Show at Trump Rally

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TUSCARORA -- In a packed house at Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre, thousands came to see Donald Trump on Monday night.

Instead of seeing just Trump, they got Trump and a much smaller version of the presidential candidate.

"Now he's supposed to look like Donald Trump. He's actually much too good looking. You are really handsome," Donald Trump said Monday night in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Trump locked eyes with the tiny tot with a little help from the crowd. Once Trump brought him on stage, the 2-year-old boy from Schuylkill County stole the spotlight. He even chose to stay with Trump over his parents.

"Do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with Donald Trump?" Trump asked.

"Trump!" the child replied.

Fresh off what has become his worldwide debut and all the media attention, we met Hunter Tirpak who some are calling Baby Trump at his home in Tuscarora.

"Who are you dressed like?" Newswatch 16 asked.

"Trump," Hunter said.

Don't let the red tie, black suit, and comb-over fool you. Hunter is like any other 2-year-old. He just happens to have "the hair."

His mother says it's all about bringing good humor to a heated election.

"To have us support a candidate and support such a light-hearted, nice, innocent manner is what we were going for. You might not like Donald Trump, but you'll like Baby Trump," Jessica Tirpak said.

Hunter may be too young to understand that he's been dubbed Baby Trump. His family says they will cherish the moment forever.

"This is a small town. Bringing a positive story to this little town to this little county, nationally, internationally is really awesome," Jessica Tirpak said.

Hunter appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night and plans to make a debut on live national news on Wednesday.


  • bryce

    It’s amazing to me how evil some of these comments are… probably from the same people that had no problem when Ellen had the “Obviously Kid” on her show multiple times to generate ratings. Are you that full of contempt for somebody because of your ego, or is it some other defect that won’t let you adhere to a reasonable response followed by a fortified repose? The fact that those senses of morality are on display here kills my hope for a better tomorrow just a smidge. Obviously, there was no actual thought put into that you are obviously blinded by your obvious hate to obviously stoop to that obvious point where you are an obvious hypocrite. I obviously don’t want to be riding on whatever bus you’re driving. It will obviously get hit by an obvious train. *note* I’m just using the jargin and rhetoric that the spouts be using, but wow for some of this…

      • festooned

        It knows how to push buttons. It wants a reaction. It has a secret crush on Bill. It doesn’t make tangible arguments for the future of America or it’s tax paying inhabitants. It wants to make you angry. It has made you laugh. It doesn’t know it’s neighbors laugh at it for being what it is. It wants you to fail and need it, or it doesn’t feel good about it’s personal failures. It writhes and spits constantly just so you notice it. It makes you want to forget it. It will be forgotten, because it only needs it and nobody else does. -From, Everybody in America that understands what FREEDOM actually is and doesn’t try to censor people that they don’t agree with “It”

  • momof2

    Who in their right mind, takes a 2 year old to a political rally? I know a “parent” who is looking for attention and their 15 minutes of camera time at the child’s expense.

      • Grandma D

        It is not in NY, the family isn’t from NY. I fear for this child’s safety. Mom worked on making him facebook famous, then took it to the next level. now he is on the news and on Good Morning America 10/12/16 Nation wide Hunters name is known. I just pray they can keep him safe. I fear because she allowed him to be passed through a crowd of strangers to be handed to Trump, The child is so trusting…

    • festooned

      Right? Last time I saw a 2 year old at a Clinton Rally it was being led into a Gingerbread House. What is wrong with these people? The Brothers Grimm just wrote a story about it. Use the googles to find it. I think it ends badly though, unlike this story.

  • Writer Girl

    Very cute kid and having him there, did bring a lighter touch to the whole debate process. Mission accomplished.

    • Geo Coggins

      why does everyone always need to put others into one gorup or another? “your a liberal! “your a conservative!” last i checked every last one of us is both

      • Givemeabreak

        People just parrot the retoritic. It is exactly what the powerful want. If we are all devided into groups we can’t stand together against them because we are all fighting each other. It is called devide and conquer politics and it was first used by Julius

      • Grandma D

        I worry about Hunter’s Safety, Obviously Mom is more concerned with 15 minutes of fame, and an invitation to GM America than the safety of her child. She could have used his and her first name only and not given the name of the town they live in to be publicized. I just PRAY he does not make the AMBER ALERT section of the news in the future. He didn’t make a fuss about being passed through the crowd to Trump, no fear of strangers is a danger for him.

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