Supporters Await Trump in Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- It's a raucous atmosphere outside the Mohegan Sun Arena near Wilkes-Barre as supporters wait for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Dozens of the Trump faithful were chanting, "Lock her up! Lock her up!" outside the arena's east gate in support of Trump.

By the time Trump arrives, it will be dark outside, but many people lined up here since early Monday morning.

"Because I'd like to be up in the front!" said Marcelina Romez of Tamaqua.

"The line was so long last time we came here, I just wanted to be first in line to see him," said Tyler Horsefield of Berwick.

"I think that this is the greatest man alive here, and he should definitely be our president," said another supporter.

Many people brought buttons and hats supporting Trump. One guy wore a shirt advocating Hillary for prison.

"It's where she belongs. She's a liar, a criminal," said Michael Shoemaker of Berwick.

Another woman came holding an old family photo.

"This is my family, who came here in 1883, and here's their signatures here. Let's do it again. Legalize it. Sign here to get here. That's the way it should be. Come here the right way," said Barabra Lohmann of Plains Township.

And it seems every Trump supporter also brought with them their own reasons why they thought Trump's controversial comments about women, first brought to light Friday, were no big deal to them.

"It was just words, locker talk, period, so what? so what?" said Elizabeth Depinski of Tamaqua.

"I think he's a human being, and we all say things that are inappropriate at times, and It's unfortunate he was recorded in a private moment," said Mary Bishop of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

"Sticks and stones don't break my bones! Words don't harm me!" said Jessica Lane of Nanticoke.

You might be familiar with the Donald Trump truck. It has some of the famous slogans he's used in his campaign, like "Build the wall." Now, businessman Bob Bolus has a new truck. He debuted an anti-Hillary Clinton truck Monday afternoon saying it represents a story about her political life.

"Maybe somebody doesn't want to say what they believe. We do, and I've said that from day one," said Bolus. "She's a liar. She's lied. She's jeopardized the American security, the American people. She's covered up everything."

Wilkes-Barre Township police are directing traffic outside of the arena. Police are warning drivers to expect traffic congestion until about 10:30 p.m. around the arena and parts of the Wyoming Valley Mall. They advise drivers to avoid those areas and take alternative routes.


  • Clarissa

    The dumbing down of our country is almost complete. This would be a good time for The Second Coming of Christ, or a viable third candidate.

    • Jeff

      You’re absolutely right, the stunning down of America has started with the election of Obama and will continue with the election of Clinton. Trump is the only viable option right now to change things for the better… he is far from perfect, but he cares about period other than himself.

  • Rurbanite

    Ms Lohmann, your and my ancestors would probably not have gotten in the country given the hurdles faced by immigrants today. The standards were MUCH looser in 1883…practically anyone could walk in the country unless they had typhus or other diseases. My grandparents toiled in the mines here for years and would be appalled at how Mr Trump is stiffing workers and demeaning women. He talks about employing coal miners but if there is ever a Trump Coal Company you can believe he will pay them starvation wages and not give them insurance coverage.

    • CeeMe

      OK. I texted my code back for tickets to this event but never got any tickets. Where they sold out? What did I do wrong?

    • CeeMe

      You are truly delusional. Ever hear of Ellis Island? It was not easier. They vetted and examined everyone and didn’t allow many people in. Those that were let in had to learn English, learn to read and write or they were denied things like voting and driving. Not even children could collect welfare or other benefits. They had to work and have a sponsor. Like I said, you are delusional.

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