Local Movie Theater Shows Presidential Debate

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DICKSON CITY -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off for a second presidential debate Sunday night.

While millions watched the presidential debate at home, others were watched it all unfold at a free screening in a movie theater in Lackawanna County.

For several dozen people inside Regal Cinemas in Dickson City, it was a different atmosphere watching the debate on the big screen in a room filled with strangers.

“We're here to see the debate in a different atmosphere than at home," said Mark Kusma of Clarks Summit.

"You have this general atmosphere. People want to see what the candidates express, but also mindful of coming together. It's really interesting at the end of the day," said Manny Gonzalez of Sterling.

This is the first time that this Regal Cinemas has held an event like this for a political debate. If you ask some people, this election cycle has been more exciting than some feature films--for better or for worse.

"Donald Trump is just someone I never expected to run for president, and Hillary Clinton pretty much ruins it for herself," said Ann Marie Craig of Dickson City.

Before the debate even started, Tyler Kusma of Clarks Summit had an idea of what to expect, and that was a showdown on the big screen.

"It's certainly going to be quite the debate from an entertainment standpoint. From a policy standpoint, it won't be that exciting, but if you're looking to watch them duke it out, then yeah, it's going to be really good," Kusma said.

Clinton and Trump are scheduled to debate one more time on October 19 before Election Day on November 8.

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  • Mike Hallinder

    were WNEP employees acting as greeters at each entrance telling people to vote for the democrat? WNEP seems to strongly like the dems. SHAMEFUL coverage by the “news station”. Next thing you know Steve Corbit will be hired as a “journalist/ reporter” by WNEP and he can keep pretending he’s both

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