Steamtown Marathon Runners Fuel up on 84-year-old’s Pasta Recipe

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SCRANTON -- On the eve of the Steamtown Marathon, plenty of restaurants were busy with runners coming in from out of town.

They're even busier if they serve pasta like Samario's Pizza & Restaurant in Scranton.

"Pasta is almost perfect because it's not real heavy, but it's loaded with carbs," said runner Isaac Fulkerson of Westminster, Maryland.

The woman making each and every strand of pasta is 84-year-old Julie Parlopiano.

“I don't let anyone know how I make my pasta. I put everything in the mixer and I have them mix it. It's my recipe. No one has it," said Parlopiano.

Parlopiano is known as "Mama" to her customers and employees, and when Mama's not making pasta, she's working as a hostess.

That being said, she spent much of her time this week making pasta, and lots of it.

“She made about 500-600 pounds this week, and we'll go through now 200-300 pounds of pasta," said chef Sammy Parlopiano.

Sammy is Momma's grandson and the heir apparent to the family's pasta recipe--a secret family recipe she'll pass down...eventually.

"She wouldn't trust me. She still likes to make it all by herself, but I get to help her here and there."

"They'll never be better than me. I'm the one that taught them!" laughed Mama.

The Steamtown Marathon begins at 8 a.m. Sunday at Forest City Regional High School and ends at Courthouse Square in Scranton.


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