Clothing Drive to Help People Coming Out of Rehab

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TAMAQUA-- This the Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce, along with the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce, began a new clothing drive.

"People can come here to the chamber and drop off their business clothing, their men's and woman's. We have women's so far; we need more men's," said Vanessa Gerhardy with the Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce.

The organization 'Step Up Tamaqua' asked both chambers to collect clothes to help people coming out of rehab for heroin and opioid addiction, people looking to transition into the workforce.

"I think it builds somebody's confidence level, everyday you are going to be struggling with addiction. So everyday you are going to have to look in the mirror and say I made it this day and we are going to go forward," said Todd Zimmerman with Step Up Tamaqua.

Not only will the clothes gather here help those coming out of rehab get jobs, but Step Up Tamaqua believe it will help those people see the difference between the addict they were and the productive member of society they are trying to become.

So if you have used business clothes in the back of your closet you no longer need, you can donate them to: Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce on 37 West Broad Street in Tamaqua on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Also, Carbon County Chamber of Commerce on 137 South Street in Lehighton will be collecting clothes Monday through Friday.

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