As Parents Overdose and Leave Kids Behind, Recovering Addicts Speak Out

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY---In Hazleton, investigators say two parents overdosed in front of their four young children.

Near Pittsburgh, two parents were found dead in a home with their four young children.

Photos and videos of parents and grandparents who have overdoses in their presence of young children have gone viral.

Lackawanna County's District Attorney Shane Scanlon says drug addiction affects everyone, young, old, rich and poor. He's launched the ‘Heroin Hits Home’ campaign.

"We're not going to arrest our way out of this problem, it's bigger than that. We are losing people at such a fast rate that we may die our way out of this problem,” said Scanlon.

Scanlon says people need to focus on not blaming addicts but trying to help them.

Marvin McCloe of Dickson City is a recovering addict and father.

He credits God with turning his life around and helping him reconnect with his son.

"I know a lot of people who really love their children but when they're under the drug, you have to understand, they're no longer themselves. I didn't start my day and say I just want to abandon my son today, no. I had every intention on coming and picking him up and loving him but somewhere the drug kicked in and it became unmanageable," said Marvin McCloe of Dickson City.

Mark Harris of Blakely is also a recovering addict. He is a father of three.

Hearing and reading about recent parents overdosing makes him up upset but he says people shouldn't be too quick to judge.

"I’m totally in love with my kids and I would do anything for them, but the love that comes for that addiction becomes your number one priority,” he said.

As dire as the drug problems are in the area, McCloe and Harris say there is hope for addicts and their families if they get help.

They are members of a chapter of Young People in Recovery.

"It was like I was a zombie, walking around and not really living. You know what I mean? Now? Today, I'm living you know what I mean? And I love it and I'm so grateful, so grateful,” said McCloe.


  • Karen

    the problem with this world is lackof knowledge on the drug addiction.My daughter died in October from Heroin. She left behind 2 children. My daughter didn’t ask to be a drug addict. She was given 20 years of opiate scripts to ease her pain .Car accident at the age of 13 .Her father and brother dies next to her. 8 back surgeries over the course of this 20 year period. All failures . She was Forced to live on 800 a month at poverty level because of her disabilities Being ripped off of scripts by pain management Doctors for smoking pot. Big GD DEAL. Next best thing is cheap heroin. In and out of money sucking short term rehabs. Useless.Tried t o get her into long term dual recovery. JOKE. My child could have have been saved.
    .Attitudes need to change to get any type of resolution

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