Penn State Students Organize Peaceful Sit-In to Protest Brutality and Racial Discrimination

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UNIVERSITY PARK -- Cell phone video shows that as the National Anthem played before the start of the Penn State's women's volleyball game, an organized group of students dressed in black shirts remained seated with their fists pointed forward.

“There's things happening that needs to have attention brought to them and I feel like a lot of times when we're here at State College and Penn State, those things are not always received,” said senior Shanta Mills, who is a member of the university’s chapter of the NAACP.

Penn State's chapter of the NAACP staged the sit-in during the Star Spangled Banner, joining a movement that is sweeping the nation to protest alleged police brutality and racial discrimination on the heels of unarmed black men being shot by police officers.

Marlon Moses is the secretary of the university's NAACP chapter.

“That could be me, my brother, my friend, my father, my uncle, cousin,” said Moses. “Any one of us.”

These students are joining national prominent figures, including San Fransico 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who have taken a knee during the anthem to protest racial injustice.

“We hope it gets bigger and more people join in with us and understand our point of view that we're here to send a message but in a peaceful way,” said Moses.

“Just because it's not happening here doesn't mean that any of us are immune to police brutality, discrimination, or anything that is happening, so I think this was a good way to do this, especially at a Penn State athletic event,” said Mills.

Members of the Penn State chapter of the NAACP say they will consider holding other sit-ins at future events.


  • Rena Hummel

    Penn State this country stood by you when things were bad,the least you should do is respect the flag as and song that gave you the right too freedom of speech.When I was in school it was a honor to salute the flag,it was our way too show respect everyone who made it possible.We had our problems,r as racist,unfair for the middle class,so much like today,but we showed other ways too show our disproved.My other question is are registered too vote?If not then you views don’t matter too me!

  • Jay M.

    What is going on with these misfit spoiled rotten brats? I guess if they don’t like this country they can go get an education some where else.

    • Sarah

      Why would PSU students protest about a crime committed by one man that’s in jail and hasn’t worked at the school in almost 20 years?

      They’re addressing what are actually current issues. I guess they also could have protested watergate or monica lewinsky, but that would equally have made as little sense as what you’re suggesting.

      • Sarah

        Who is “they” exactly?

        Paterno reported it to his, as he confirmed under oath, when there is a record he was told of something one of his employees witnessed in 2001. He was never even charged with anything and wouldn’t be now. Yes, rational people tend to get upset when law-abiding people are demonized and blamed.

        So, by “they” you must mean the 3 whole administrators who have had 95%, and all of the major, of the charges against them already dropped? It appears the rest will be dropped in short order.

        So, this massive “they” is being whittled down to what will be one criminal? Yup, if we’re doing the math, that’s one criminal.

    • Sarah

      Do you blame yourself for Sandusky?

      He did it all over PA, not just at PSU. So, do you hold yourself as responsible as you seem to hold Penn State?

      If you do, then you’re also responsible.

  • Al Ackbar

    It’s tough raising money to fight ‘discrimination’ when there is an African-American in the white house. The racial hucksters at the NAACP are trying to keep the donations coming to pay their salaries.

  • Timothy

    this is a nice way to divide people even more but the students feel good about themselves and that’s all that matters and they can put it on facebook and do selfies and the news media will cover them and the story about them may trend online and they’ll get more attention while in the end solving nothing.

  • penn state nittany pedohiles

    I wish Penn State students showed this much when Jerry was molesting the children, but i guess Black criminals matter more than the innocent children. Penn State is such a disgrace. Football matters more than anything else.

    • McCracken

      I’m confused. Which one of these students were around when Sandusky was molesting children? Can I blame you for the institution of slavery, then?

      • Nice try, Strawman

        You want to offer an actual rebuttal to the original comment, or just change the subject? Who said THESE students were responsible for what Sandusky did?

      • Sarah

        McCracken didn’t change the subject. She’s pointing out the absurdity of the comment.

        When Sandusky was molesting kids years ago none of the students knew, so the original comment didn’t make sense. She pointed that out by asking if we should blame people like you for slavery. Try to keep up.

      • McCracken

        I posted both of those comments. I’m not sure why it says “Nice Try, Strawman”. WNEP appears to have deleted a comment in between those two, as well. It makes it difficult to follow a debate when comments just disappear.

    • Timothy

      more football, new coaches, statues of Joe Pa unveiled, more football, THON and the media covering for them including the posts right here on this story…….but in the end nothing will cover up the disgrace that is PSU. victims? what victims ? absolutely shameful

      • McCracken

        You want to offer an actual rebuttal to my original comment, or just change the subject? How are THESE students responsible for what Sandusky did?

      • Truth hurts

        There is no “covering up” of any disgrace, as there is no disgrace. Nobody at PSU caused Sandusky. Nobody else has been convicted of anything. Nobody else in the football program was even charged with anything. We’re just continuing on as the same great school as we always will be. You had hoped the scandal would change that, and you’re mad that it didn’t.

        You sound like a bitter grad of a safety school to PSU that couldn’t get accepted to Penn State so you’re angry at how great the school has been and still is. You thought the scandal would somehow make PSU inferior to your school and your deeply bitter it hasn’t and never will.

        Nobody at PSU owes you or anyone an apology, as there is no disgrace for something we didn’t cause. People at PSU are as responsible for sandusky as you are.

    • Reality to the Rescue

      Penn State students showed what?

      Last I checked, the school and students simply supported Paterno. A man never even charged with a crime and wouldn’t be if he were alive today. Supporting people that follow the law doesn’t mean you don’t care about children.

      Penn State is not a disgrace. The disgrace is ignorant people like you that attack the entire school for what has resulted in one convicted criminal.

      Football matters more than anything else? No, Penn State plays a game like everyone else and wins because they’re better than pretty much everyone. Nobody else in the football program was even charged, and nobody else in the entire school has been convicted of anything except sandusky.

      All the while, the idiots run around talking about a “cover-up” that has so far led to one conviction (sandusky). The real disgrace is the people that blame the entire school for one criminal. Sandusky’s victims were caused by sandusky, and unless anyone else is convicted of anything (which it’s looking like they won’t be) that’s where the blame stops.

      Stay mad at the wrong people, though. PSU will continue to be the great school like always, and nobody is stopping our success both on and off the field with misplaced hate. Let’s go Penn State!

    • Frank S.

      Blaming an entire school for a total of one convicted criminal that hasn’t been an actual coach or employee at the school in almost 20 years?

      Are we now shutting down and blaming every football program and organization that’s ever had one rapist in it? Wait, you’d be shutting down all of them and blaming all of them.

      Ignorance at it’s finest from people that want to blame everyone except the actual criminal. Disgusting.

    • McCracken

      The Catholic Church has harbored far more convicted child molesters; do you share the same outrage, as you do with PSU?

    • Sarah

      While you’re at it, you should accuse the Penn State students of not stopping the JFK shooting. Wait, did PSU students also not do enough to stop 9/11?

      Here let me help you with your next post, “PSU continued playing football after 9/11. Penn State students support terrorists and don’t care about the victims of 9/11.”


  • Mark

    Racist. Kick them out. No excuse for their racist gesture which seeks to divide and segregate.
    BLM is paving the way for the rise of the new wave of white/western supremacists and the alt-right. When you allow Black Panthers-like protests like this, you open the door for the next group to come in and do the same.
    If it’s segregation you want (again), keep pointing the camera at them.

    • Andrea

      How are people (of all colors I might add) sitting down in a PEACEFUL protest racist?? You sound stupid and very ignorant

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