Parents Found Dead in PA Home After 7-Year-Old Tells School Officials Something Is Wrong With Them

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MCKEESPORT, Pa. - Two people were found dead inside a Pennsylvania home Monday after a 7-year-old girl went to school and told someone that something was wrong with her parents, police said.

Investigators confirmed that the bodies of 26-year-old Christopher Dilly and 25-year-old Jessica Lally were found around 5 p.m. Monday, WPXI reports.

Police said there was no foul play involved and that they suspect Dilly and Lally died of a drug overdose.

Lally's sister said she tried to get help for the couple's four children months ago.

"My sister wasn't the person she became when it came to drugs. She wasn't the person I knew. It was like the drugs had taken over and at first we didn't know it was heroin," Courtney Lally said. "She loved her kids -- she did. She loved her mom, she loved me, she loved us."

She said it was heartbreaking to learn her 7-year-old niece got herself ready for school, then went to school and told someone something was wrong with her mom and dad.

"That's like the hardest thing because that's a 7-year-old," Courtney Lally said. "That's a 7-year-old that did that."

Three other children, ages 9 months, 3 and 5, were also living in the home, according to WPXI.

They were all taken to a hospital to be evaluated and will be placed with Allegheny County Children Youth and Families, authorities said.

Courtney Lally said she had been trying to get police and CYF involved since February.

She ended up contacting police, sending them photos of the deplorable home where her sister and Dilly lived with their children.

Courtney Lally said Jessica became furious and moved her family to McKeesport.

"I feel like if I wouldn't have done that, it would have been way different and we could have made up months ago, and she'd be here today," Lally said.

Lally said she will go to court to try to get custody of her nieces and nephews.

To others who are helping loved ones fight addiction, she said, "Just don't stop trying. Keep pushing it. Make them understand you love them and you're doing this because you love them."

Courtney Lally said she and her mother will be at a hearing on Wednesday where they will try to get temporary custody of the children.

Neighbors said they didn’t notice anything unusual at the home in which the children’s parents were found.



“They were acting normal. No indications. Nothing,” neighbor Jordon McCallister said.

The McKeesport School District issued the following report about the incident:

"Our school district took immediate action after we were notified of the concerns shared by one of our students on their route home. We alerted all appropriate officials and ensured the students' safety. Each school in our district offers counseling to any student who needs it. We will be available for the family affected by this tragedy."

Though overdose is the suspected cause of death, an official cause and manner had not been ruled as of Tuesday.

Autopsies will be conducted, the medical examiner said.


  • k

    the makers of oxycodone produce enough of the opiate to supply every man woman and child in america with 3 lbs of pills. that’s not a joke. and that’s how most people get hooked these days: “oxys first, heroin cos it’s cheap later.” heroin was never at the level it is these days until ultra addictive painkillers started being prescribed.

  • Supporter of America

    Courtney, I wish you peace in the death of your sister. Your sister chose that life for herself and unfortunately for the kids, she is completely to blame. She also allowed herself to have 4 kids that she likely couldn’t afford or cope with. Maybe the cops should look at charging her dealer with her death. As a society I can not reason why dealers are not dealt with as murderers, as they know the percentage for death is high just as if they had stabbed them. Start stringing dealers up and start dealing with addicts to get them back to being productive in some form. Sweeping issues under the rug, does not work as we’ve been doing.

    • Thin the Herd

      There wouldn’t be dealers without weak-minded fools willing to buy their poison. No one is forcing these morons to take these drugs.

      • Supporter of America

        I don’t disagree with that. But how many times have we seen or heard of dealers getting slaps on the wrist. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the total answer but not doing anything or so many people looking the other way because they know the dealer/user isn’t the answer either. Its a terrible thing happening to our country, and we (society) need to step up and figure something out. And the only way to do that is to have an open discussion and I’m sure society won’t always agree about the best path forward, but someone needs to start making the tough choices.

  • ccc215

    Heroin use and availability is at an all time high in this country. 90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan. How is it getting here?

    • G

      Well, for the past decade our US Troops have been guarding the Poppy Fields there. The past decade this has become the “epidemic”..think about that one.

  • Sherry A Haas

    I am confused….the 7yr old told someone there was something wrong with her parents when she WENT to school….most schools start no later than 8:30am but no one was sent out til a student said something on their way HOME from school???? Were the other 3 children in that home alone all day with 2 deceased parents? Oh my :( Why was no one asked to check when this poor young child first reported it?

    • danny B.

      The 7 yr old told a classmate. That classmate finally told an adult at the school near end of day. Thats why it took so long to finally find the parents. Yes, the 2 other children were home the whole time after older child left for school. I know this because I still have cop friends in that surrounding area.

      I used to live in that area yrs ago. Well, not exactly Mckeesport, but several towns away. Its bad area . School district stinks there. There was an abduction of a girl kept kidnapped, hostage for yrs . In that area. In a house. Like that guy in cleveland , ohio did to 3 girls for yrs. but all found alive. I think the guy was a janitor in Mckeesport school that did the abduction. Google it, it will come up. It made headlines then.

      Schools need to start implementing teacher/student social time in the mornings, in homeroom class, With having teachers ask each student , how was your morning, what did your Mother/Father make you for breakfast ? Were they asleep, working? Any knowledgable adult can easily get a feel of each student behaviour during this time. do they look sad, not overly nor eagerly speak as quick as other children, then those are the kids you should set your sites on during the day. Pull them aside then ask them with another administrator later in the morning.

  • Ellie

    This is obviously becoming an epidemic. Maybe it’s time to make monthly drug testing of parents a law. Fail once, lose your kids that day. I’m so sick of seeing these poor little kids and babies subjected to this kind of b/s. Parents like that don’t deserve their children and their children certainly don’t deserve that trauma.

      • Ellie

        Raven, I believe it is. People like those in the article are obviously not capable of running their own lives, nevermind raising children. If it takes more government control to weed people like that out and keep them from adding to overpopulation and kids growing up with psychological problems due to what they’ve seen and experienced, yeah. I support it. That doesn’t mean that the government needs to have its nose in *everything*, but if it keeps children and babies safer? Yeah. I’m okay with that.

      • Ellie

        Dan, that’s putting words into my mouth. I’d absolutely pay new taxes to keep kids safe. Would not bother me in the least.

      • G

        NOT ME..I already pay School Taxes without having children. I pay my taxes which is broken down into the Welfare System to pay for Kids. IM HONESTLY SICK OF PAYING FOR SOMEONE ELSES CHILDREN. STEP UP Parents and take care of your own children.
        If all the Outside Help stopped, people would think twice about having children.

    • BZ22

      The article says the sister tried for months to get help, even notifying police, and couldn’t get any. What’s a drug test going to solve when authorities didn’t respond to a family member asking for assistance and intervention?

  • Louise

    I hope the family case workers at CYS are using and following kinship care laws because Northumberland county is allowing the foster care system to be used by families who can’t have their own children and then when the family gets an approved homestudy they still will not return the child to the family. Each homestudy costs Northumberland county CYS $2500.00,
    I can’t even be an emergency 60 day foster
    Provider in my county of residence now thanks to Northumberland county.
    The state needs to investigate them,

    • phil waller

      So a “Homestudy” costs $2500…per each. There’s your problem. Why would those who spend the tax money, ever wish to stop the roll of the gravy train? ALWAYS: “Follow Da Money”

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