Wayne County Sheriffs Sport Pink for Fellow Deputy

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HONESDALE -- For the month of October, the sheriff's department in Wayne County is sporting a color you don't usually see on law enforcement.

They are wearing pink patches for breast cancer awareness month.

“A lot of people love it. It’s a good idea. Some people ask what’s that for. We tell them it’s something that hits home for us,” said Wayne County Sheriff Mark Steelman.

The pink patches are a reminder that even one of their own is in a battle against breast cancer.

Danene Van Horn is constantly on the minds of her fellow deputies.

“It means so much to her. She really appreciates it. We all support her, (we’re) there for her whenever she needs it,” said Sergeant Trish Krempasky.

Van Horn is a very well-known and well-liked member of the sheriff’s department in Wayne County. Many people in the courthouse seeing her start her battle against breast cancer are showing their support by wearing t-shirts and bracelets. Now, deputies are wearing patches on their sleeves.

“It brings a tear to my eye. What I’m going through, I have so many people behind me. I can take it to people who need help or support. I had all that and I had people to turn to,” said Van Horn.

Van Horn is fresh off her first round of chemo, fully knowing her coworkers have her back. She hopes it helps others to see all the support she has from her brothers and sisters in uniform.

“I have three more to go. I got this,” she added.