Warmer Than Normal Temperatures Make for Tough Apple Season

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AUBURN TOWNSHIP -- It's the busiest time of the year at Jayne's Orchards in Susquehanna County.

For more than a century, the family business has produced a variety of apples just outside of Laceyville.

A typical season lasts through December, but this year it's running a lot shorter.

"If I've got it today and you've got the chance to come an get it today, you probably should come and get it today. It may not be here in two days and it really may not be here in a week," Jeannie Jayne said.

The warmer than normal temperatures and dry conditions this year are making for a smaller crop.

While all 20 varieties of apples might not still be on the shelves, there are still many bushels ready to be picked up.

"Some of the apples came in smaller so they're just going right into cider. We're going to have a very short season. Last year we closed in the middle of December. This year we're looking at three, four weeks and we'll be done," Jayne said.

Stopping at Jayne's Orchard every fall has become a family tradition for Michelle Reising and her family.

"The apple cider is delicious. The apples are always good. It's great for the kids and to help out the local businesses and all that," Reising said.

During a year when the apple crop is smaller than normal, the Jayne's are grateful for their loyal customers.

"I just had someone come in the other day and say you were just a kid. I've seen you grow up. I've had families you know the next generation come in so it's very heart warming," Jayne said.

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