Trio Stopped with Weapons Outside Holland Tunnel Makes Bail in New Jersey

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NEW JERSEY -- Two people arrested outside the Holland Tunnel in June are out of jail after making bail in New Jersey.

Kimberly Arendt of Carbon County and Dean Smith of the Lehigh Valley were picked up when they and a third person tried to get into New York City with a cache of weapons in their pickup truck.

They told investigators they were trying to rescue a teenager from Wilkes-Barre who was in a so-called heroin den in the Bronx.

Arendt and Smith were released Friday afternoon. They posted bail soon after it was lowered by a judge.

The third suspect, John Cramsey, also from the Lehigh Valley, made bail earlier in September.


  • Tom haze

    If they had to save a young woman why give them time cops in ny dont do anything to stop real crime if people did this more often people would think before keeping someones child against their will to be sold into prostatution.most people today are cowards and hope the police will save them well reality check how many bank robneries were stoped before the robbery

  • Poonus

    NYC likes their debt slaves disarmed and criminal predators armed. what law did they break again? having a cache? 2-3 guns in a truck, possessing firearms isn’t illegal unless your in NYC, that directly violates 2A. did they use those guns? nope.

    give them their guns back and send them home. the hell with NY laws, it doesn’t keep NYers safe, it doesn’t keep travelers safer in NY. repeal the safe act, it doesn’t nothing to stop crime.

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