Grandfather Threatens to Shoot School Bus Driver, Students

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AVOCA -- A 41-year-old grandfather from Duryea is locked up in jail after an attempt to defend his granddaughter may have gone too far.

Christopher McCauley reportedly jumped on his granddaughter's school bus when it was dropping her off Tuesday afternoon.

Then, he allegedly threatened to shoot the bus driver and kids on the bus for allegedly bullying his granddaughter.

Because a threat was made, the Pittston Area School District made sure a resource officer and police officer were at the bus stop on Main Street in Avoca for each student picked up and dropped off even after the grandfather was arrested.

"You have to take every single threat, as minor as you may perceive it to be, to be a serious threat," said Pittston Area School District Superintendent Kevin Booth.

In light of recent school shootings like the one in South Carolina, not only do police take every threat seriously but parents say they do too.

"It could happen anywhere at anytime. With the way things are happening nowadays you never know," said Jim O'Conner with a 5th grader who goes to the district middle school.

McCauley is locked in the Luzerne County jail, unable to post his $10,000 bail.

He's charged with making terroristic threats, harassment, and going on a school bus without authorization.



  • CeeMe

    I don’t agree with what this man did, but I doubt he’d get much changed, had he talked to the schools. What is the answer?

    • Scott Cooley

      That’s right people in this state are so difficult to deal with you’re left with no other option but violence

  • Sas w

    My daughter was bullied in the Pittston area school district. They did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. I don’t agree with how this guy dealt with it but no one else helps with the bullies. I moved out of there and I have no regrets. That while district is pretty much like if you’re not popular or know people then who cares about your kid.

    • CeeMe

      So right about the schools. They issue “zero tolerance” statements and do nothing. Half the time, they take the bully’s side. So glad me and mine are no longer in school.

  • mike m

    Local newspapers reported that the girl called her grandfather, him, and said she was being bullied and the bus driver wrote her up for standing on the bus. The grandfather then got on the bus possible to find out what was happening. Why was this not reported and why doesn’t the school take action on bullying? They say they are anti bullying where is this girls rights.

  • Delia

    Most public schools are politically run the teachers know the parents etc. etc. therefore nothing is going to be done the teachers are afraid of the big bad parents watch you will see all these public schools are going to start losing students and they will wonder why it serves them right

  • WTH

    While i don’t agree with how he handled it, bullying is 110% ignored everywhere. Parents of bullies are NEVER held accountable, kids aren’t allowed to defend themselves, and the parents of victims of bullies are ignored. Cyber-School unfortunately is the only solution because nobody is doing a bloody thing about it except making excuses for the bullies. The public school system is sub-standard at best, and like being in jail at worst.

    • E

      What do you expect from stereotype stupid Pollocks descended from coal miner trash? These people themselves were bullies while attending school, so there is zero chance of them disciplining their white trash offspring. The only soultion is home school your kids or move away from low class white trash.

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