Tax Increase Begins This Weekend on Vaping Products

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WYOMING -- Filling up a vaporizer is about to get a lot more expensive in Pennsylvania.

Starting this weekend, there will be a new 40 percent tax. It will impact all vaping products including electronic cigarettes sold at vape shops.

Even though the new tax is a done deal, one lawmaker is trying to change things for the future.

Rep. Jeff Wheeland is the sponsor of HB 2342.  The house bill would include a smaller tax of 5 cents per milliliter.

At Vape Dragons in Wyoming, the store owner is open to anything other than 40 percent.

"What will happen is you'll see people that got in the business thinking this is my American Dream. They get the big stamp on the head and say, this is not how it works in our country now. Now you have to face the piper and a lot of people will go out of business," Charles McAvoy of Vape Dragons said.

So far, Vape Dragons has two stores in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties. Another store is under construction in Wilkes-Barre.

McAvoy worries an extra 40 percent will turn away customers.

"Something that you buy for $10 now has to be charged, you know you have to add $4 to it. Then you have to send that price off to the customers which is really unfair to the business owner and the customers," McAvoy said.

"It won't be as much as buying a cigarette and supporting that habit, but in the same sense, it's making it harder for these companies and small businesses to stay in business," Mark Catanzariti of Swoyersville said.

Angel Belford worries about the future of the industry. She's concerned as an employee and also as someone who enjoys vaping.

"I'm going to have to spend more of my money to get my vaping supplies. I switched from smoking to vaping because it's more expensive in the long run," Belford said.

The 40 percent tax increase begins in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The house bill that would lower the tax could go up for a vote as early as this fall.


  • ray6770

    I can’t do it for the same reason I can’t shop at Target, wear black plastic eyewear, walk into Starbucks or a Panera Bread, AND I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT IN A PRIUS EITHER !!!

  • Hikkbddguin

    Big tobacco is now controlling the industry because they are losing customers due to vaping being the PROVEN healthier option. I smoked a pack a day for over 10 years. I started vaping and I have not touched a cigarette in over 2 years. I feel healthier and cleaner. It’s all about money. These governments don’t care about your health. They care about money. They want you spending money at the doctors for health issues due to smoking. They want you spending 7.00+ daily on cigarettes because the taxes go in their pocket. This country is becoming so disgraceful. I will not cave into this game I refuse to smoke cigarettes again I will quit all together with everything. Eat Sh$& tobacco companies and tom wolf.

  • The truth

    I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Now one pack lasts me 3 days. They are shooting themselves in the foot. I have no intention of vaping unless it’s marijuana. As soon as pot is legal, I’ll quit smoking cigarettes altogether. And when we’re allowed to grow our own. I’ll grow my own and I’ll become a horticulturist AND give it away. Personally I loath what our politians have done to this country. I’m to the point where I don’t want to participate at any level. I don’t even use my god given talents to to get ahead. It’s a joke. What I’ve learned…..nothing is more valuable than my time and I’m no longer give it away. Just doing the absolute minimum. That’s what happens when you’ve been demotivated.

    • More truth

      This tax is exactly why people are going to vote trump, even if he is nuts cause the alternative is the same old song and dance. Why do we need all these taxes. Is it because we are supporting all these illegal aliens and their children? I’m not working to support them. I just won’t work….much. Yep build that wall and start normalizing this country.

  • Lori McGee

    Wolf said he would raise taxes. If he can’t get it one way he will another. Not to mention fighting the tobacco lobbyists. They want everyone smoking to line their pockets. Nasty trick shoving all this into the budget. Sounds like a NY city thing to do.

    • Trump 2016!!!!

      PA sure loves voting democrat. They must love higher taxes on EVERYTHING too because that’s what it always amounts to with dems. Tax and spend, tax and spend… Never enough. Enjoy…

  • Conroy

    Tired of this sudden anti nicotine crusade. It makes sense from a staist point of view, make something that cost the state in medical more unaffordable to drive people away from it. Less money spent on smoking illnesses and money gained, 2 birds one stone. But vaping is a much healthier alternative and if they drive people from that it’s just a obvious cash grab. Plus if the smokers only other respite is now threatened where will they turn? I could see the people who can’t afford this turning to heroine. Maybe that’s exaggerating it, maybe not. One this is true though, these new tax increases are bad, not good. Even if you aren’t a smoker you should see how this can end badly.

    • K

      So in the Vaping Products, what does the list of ingredients say to make it healthier?? What is actually in that liquid vial??

      • Me

        I don’t know what chemicals are in those vials either. I expect one day the fda will come along and tells us one day, probably w bad news.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Tax Increase Begins This Weekend on Vaping Products………………………

    This is what you get when you keep voting DEMOCRAT……notice they don’t tax their precious beer,or spirits…

    • Janet

      “notice they don’t tax their precious beer,or spirits”

      From the PA Department of Revenue’s website:

      The malt beverage tax is levied on malt or brewed beverages manufactured and sold for use in Pennsylvania, or manufactured outside of Pennsylvania but sold for importation and use in Pennsylvania. The tax is borne by the consumer, but manufacturers, distributors and importers remit the tax to the commonwealth.”

      “The distribution of liquor is a state enterprise under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (LCB). All liquors sold by the LCB are subject to this 18 percent tax, which is calculated on the price paid by the consumer including mark-up, handling charge and federal tax. The first sale of liquor also is subject to the sales and use tax at the time of purchase.”

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