Staying Healthy at The Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- With thousands of people walking through the gates each day, the Bloomsburg Fair has its share of germs.

One of the places where you're sure to find germs is with all of the animals. Luckily, there are handwashing and hand sanitizer stations all around. In addition to washing your hands, we found more ways to stay healthy at the fair.

Kimberly Green enjoyed a day at the fair with her 3-month-old daughter Brianna. But when babies get hungry, there's not much you can do except feed them. That's the position Green found herself in. She stopped by "The Little Bee Company" on Free Stage Boulevard.

"Finding a good place to stop and feed her is always a challenge, but I remembered this place from last year. I came to see if I could feed her again and have a nice place to change her and relax a little bit out of the sun," Green said.

The owners of "The Little Bee Company" set up a family care area so that moms could get away from the craziness of the fair for a bit.

"We try to make sure everything is clean. There's a changing table. There's a rocking chair. We added this year, books for kids so that older siblings can just come and hang out," explained Paula Turocy, The Little Bee Company.

Another way to stay healthy at the Bloomsburg Fair is by getting your flu shot. Geisinger Health Plan is offering them inside the arts and crafts building.

If you want to learn about staying healthy and even get health checks, Geisinger Health plan has several booths set up inside the arts and crafts building. They've given out about 1,000 flu shots so far.

"It's very important to get your flu shot to stay healthy. Obviously, we wanted to do everything we can to prevent the flu," said Pamela Kelchner, Geisinger Health Plan.

But what about walking around the fair and touching things, especially the animals?

Brandy Wright made sure to use hand sanitizer on her and her son Bentley's hands after touching the animals.

"It's nice to have the sanitizer at the end of the building because they don't have bathrooms as readily available as that. We try to get the hand sanitizer in between and wash our hands."

There are hand sanitizer stations set up throughout the fairgrounds and signs encouraging people to use them.