Police Searching for Assailant in Clown Mask After Pennsylvania Teen Stabbed to Death

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READING, Pa. — Police are investigating an incident in which a person in a clown mask stabbed and killed a 16 year old in Reading, Pennsylvania on Sunday night.

According to the Reading Eagle, a fight broke out after a person showed up wearing a clown mask. Officials told the newspaper that they responded to reports of a person lying on a front porch of a home, and that there was a large crowd in the street.

The victim was identified as Christian Torres, 16, a 10th grader at Reading High School.

Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams told the paper, “We urge anyone who was there to contact the Reading police. Someone was wearing a clown mask and a fight broke out.”

Reading Police Chief Andres Dominguez Jr. said that investigators believe there are several suspects. “I believe the issue’s gotten out of control,” Dominguez said.

This latest incident comes on the heels of numerous ‘creepy clown’ sightings throughout the country, including reports of clowns harassing children in Pottsville last week.


  • Ethel Meacham

    I for one as a mother, grandmother , aunt, and great aunt am encouraging my family and their friends to never be out alone anytime day or night and especially not let the children out of their sight and these people who are doing this needs to realise even though John Wayne Gassy dressed up as a clown got caught anyway so just know Karma always wins one way or another God knows who you are and his wrath is worse than anything man can to to punish you.

  • AQT

    I’m frightened to think of what might happen on Halloween night, as I’m sure the “clowns” be out in full force…I’d be reluctant to allow kids go out trick or treating. And, frankly, someone is going to get hurt or killed because of this ridiculous prank.

    • sthu

      Yet a 16yr old high school boy is dead, what difference does it make NOW if he knows who or why? Those who did this deserve the same! You’re a low-life idiot for saying such a thing!

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