Photo Showing Nazi Flag at Bloomsburg Fair Sparks Controversy

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BLOOMSBURG — A photo showing a Nazi flag hanging at a vendor stand at the Bloomsburg Fair has sparked outrage after it was posted to Facebook.

Facebook user Chloe Winters of Scranton posted the image Sunday night, and within hours, it had been shared thousands of times.


“I was absolutely shocked and appalled,” Winters wrote. “This flag represents the brutal and horrific genocide of innocent people. It stands for the hatred and destruction of a religion I feel blessed to be a part of.”

Not long after, Facebook removed the original post saying it did not follow the Facebook Community Standards. However, many other people have since reposted the photo.


On Monday, Bloomsburg Fair officials said the flags were taken down at that vendor’s stand.

Fair officials kicked out the vendor Monday afternoon after they discovered he was a registered sex offender.

The Bloomsburg Fair posted a statement on its Facebook page saying:

“We were initially unaware of the flag and other merchandise being displayed by a vendor on our fairgrounds. Most posts were made after midnight, and as soon as we were made aware of it early this morning, we took the appropriate action with the vendor to remove those items. Unfortunately, we have over 1200 vendors on our fairgrounds and it’s difficult to monitor each one individually. Whenever someone brings something like this to our attention, we always discuss it with the vendor and take any steps to maintain a family-fun atmosphere at our fair.”


Many people posted their outrage on social media.


  • Kids

    All I am saying is that people don’t go to a WWII museum complaining when they see it on helmets, and war artifacts. There is a time and a place for it and this was definitely the wrong place for it. I do believe though that there should be some screening in order to sell there. The registered sex offender I mean come on but I know they can’t catch everyone. I say if they have to have licenses,etc to sell food then they should have clearance papers. I typed this earlier today and for some reason it didn’t show up, maybe because I put it as a reply instead of another comment

  • Frank Watson

    It takes them three days and a thousand facebook posts to get a sex offender that is displaying a large nazi flag at the fair, but they throw out a bunch of kids raising money for Pediatric Cancer Research after raising a mere $74.20?

  • magicmikexxsm

    I find it funny that this women who took the picture and posted it to the internet was so careful to get the Trump sign in with the Nazi sign….my question to the young lady is why not just center the Nazi flag in the pic frame alone..was their a method to your madness to capture the Trump sign in the picture also? I say Yes……

    • Return to Earth

      It appears that the SJW Chloe took great pains to include ONLY the Trump banner and not the HILLARYous banner right next to the Trump one. On several of the pictures here, you can see the fragment of the HILLARYous sign. Quite frankly the Democratic Socialist ideals are much better represented by the Democrats

    • magicmikexxsm

      What’s even funnier is the 11 people who gave my post thumbs down because they are not smart enough to see what this women did in taking the trump sign with the Nazi flag……and those 11 stooges are Hillary liar voters…….now that’s funny mega lol

    • Not Surprised

      Who would ever associate the xenophobic, racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, red-neck Trump supporters with Neo Nazis? It boggles the mind!

    • Nazi Hunter

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      Maybe you should take World History again. Apparently you slept through it the first three times.

    • Ted Wells

      “Its just a flag …”
      which is why NO ONE got upset last week when football players took a knee … instead of standing for the flag

  • Kids

    my question is if it was a confederate flag, would there be this much of an uproar? Again, the guy shouldn’t have been selling out in public let alone displaying it. The fact that Trump was by the flag has nothing to do with it. Me personally? I am hoping for a giant meteor in 2016 to end it all already.

    • Kids

      All in all what I am saying is this…. If you go to a WWII show, museum, etc. you expect to see things like this because it is a part of history. There’s a time and a place for it. But yes I agree, I think there should be some screening with vendors. I know it’s almost impossible to screen all of them but at least make them pay for their own screening if they want to sell there. No papers, no business. Simple as that

  • Youre no better

    Here is another case of the media helping to destroy something innocent like a farmer’s fair. First it was the anglo-americans to destroy a harmless community of natives and now we have this candle-quenching bust squad sneaking around.

  • Larry

    nice of wnep to post 6,000 pictures next to a Trump flag…..fits the narrative, WNEP. Shameful press coverage. Go ahead and delete my comment again, WNEP. Lib media in action !

  • Alex

    It really bothers me that people are more concerned over the Trump flag than the actual Nazi flag. Keep the politics out of it. Conservative or liberal, most will agree that the Nazi flag is 100% unacceptable to display at a public event meant for families. That’s the bottom line. And to have a registered sex offender operating a stand at that event really looks bad for The Bloomsburg Fair. There should not be any vendors or employees there who are of danger to anyone.

  • Karen Dennis

    There hundreds of vendors at the Bloomsburg Fair. To say one nasty vendor represents the entire establishment is not only unfair (no pun intended) but its stupid! Who ever first say this vendor’s flag should have reported it immediately to the office! Posting it to FB is a passive aggressive way of dealing with issues you find unacceptable.

  • herewego

    First and foremost: Why couldn’t WNEP get the name of the SEX OFFENDER’s name so his next fair stop could be forewarned. Oh yea, to protect his identity… Welcome to America.
    Second: A closer look. It appears A Hillary flag is to the right of trump’s flag but is not shown. Photoshop at its best. If you got video or picture to correct my assumption I would not mind seeing it.

  • Valfreyja

    “Abstract moralist attempts to rationalize pro nazi propaganda with free market capitalism”

    Check. Now if I can just just find that snipe…

  • prom night dumpster baby

    I’m hoping so much that 15 minutes into the debate tonight Hillary does a coughing, bobbleheaded, spiralling, triple axle faceplant right into the corner of her podium. If she does, and I pass away at 9:16, life will be complete.

  • William M Knappenberger

    I like how we live in a society where someone is not allowed to express their views because it disagrees with someone else’s “values.” Shall I start an initiative to ban the fair because someone was handing out bibles? Or that weapons were on display? Maybe an anti gun advocate can start an initiative to get the water balloon squirt guns removed because it could be offensive and dangerous to some. We live in a society with all of the world’s information at our fingertips, yet we can’t even show our disdain to the right people. To put things in perspective, I’m sure there are 1000s of applications to sell things or be a vendor at the Bloomsburg Fair. When asked what type of stuff they are selling, a simple novelty stickers and flags could be on the application. So instead of being upset at the Bloomsburg fair, be upset with the vendor who didn’t have enough common sense not to sell that kind of stuff in that venue.

    • Valfreyja

      The bloomsburg fair is a private event. No one’s rights were stepped on. You don’t, and never did, have freedom of speech in such venues. Much like you don’t have freedom of speech here. WNEP can and does censor comments based on any criteria they deem fit and there’s nothing at all wrong with this, constitutionally. Whether there is a philosophical issue in play is another story, but you cannot cloak this in an aura of US-centric legalism without exposing your ignorance on the matter. The Bloomsburg fair does not want to be associated with Naziism in any way and there’s 100% NOTHING wrong with that.

    • rcarson79

      One don’y give anyone the idea of getting rid of squirt guns. Two do not be so extreme. Nazis have killed 20 million Jews, and that is whom is accounted for. It is not even comparable to the murders in the United States, only 12,942 in 2015. That is nothing compared to the Jewish Homicide. Nazis are not a religion or a race they are a cult to destroy the Jews. Also it may not look like a business at the Fair, but it is. A business can say rather you may stay or leave.

  • Tom J.

    This vendor probably listed his business as “selling flags”. Do you really think he sends a photo of every darn flag he sells?? Cut them a break.
    Now you’re not going to ever attend a Bloomsburg Fair again?? Good, that’ll mean more apple turnovers for me.
    Plan on having a tough life sweetie, you’re going to be insulted about many things over the years.

  • Supporter of America

    Displaying the flag was in the very least poor taste at a function that is largely for families of all walks of life. One posts in the article comments that of course it is next to a Trump flag. Not sure how that is relevant to anything, as it could have just as easily been a “ISIS” or Clinton Flag. But of course the latter would require people’s support to bother doing a flag. Seems the registered sex offender reasoning was how the fair justified asking the vendor to leave, without them needing any facts. If he posed a danger to children, which is unknown, then it was the right decision. I don’t go to the fair anyways, so…..

    • Valfreyja

      Yeah okay, let’s all pretend the alt-right movement in the US has literally nothing in common with soft white-supremacy movements, xenophobia, ultra right wing agendas or hyperbolic rhetoric posing as poilitical philosophy. This was an isolated incident and not clearly in profile with the type of loon who supports Donal Trump’s catastrophic social vision for the US at all.

      Now where’s that sarcasm key?

      • gwsjr425

        The “alt-right”….the latest label manufactured by the desperation of the left to be used in conjunction with or separate from the hackneyed “RACISTBIGOTHOMOPHOBEHATER” moniker that defines their intellectual capacity.

      • matt

        you must only watch the evening news which is owned by the same people that gave us Bill and Hillary in the first place. They literally spend billions on figuring out how to make you believe that useless crap they call news and every left winger with a hand out and entitlement attitude sucks it right up. Trump for president

      • E

        @writer girl. Freya or Freyja is a figure in Norse mythology associated with love, sex. beauty, fertility, war and death. Her name is most likely Valerie, which she shortens and adds to Freya to get Valfreya. She clearly thinks she is some sort of goddess. Lol. She’s most likely been sexually abused at some point and has to over compensate.

      • Supporter of America

        Well not sure how the white supremacy thing tracks in there for ya, considering I am biracial. I know a lot for you to take in, have fun with that. Although, I’m not aware of any jewish ancestry, but what happened during WW2 should never be allowed to be repeated. Which is why I won’t be supporting Hillary among many other reasons.

  • sarah

    everyone needs to grow up and stop being butthe hurt over everything God people are so sensitive this days, it’s freedom of expression, if you don’t like it get over it it’s apart of history and how far we came in this world, but I love how everyone is more upset over the flag then the BBC letting a registered sex afender but I guess that’s not a major priority, great job@

    • Valfreyja

      1. You do not now, nor have you ever, had constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression in private venues, of which the Bloomsburg fair absolutely is one.

      2. When your self interested ideology has extended far enough away from reason that you find yourself defending Nazi propaganda, that should be your moment of self awareness which informs you to rethink your ideas.

    • Ajax Rasputin

      Maybe Sarah needs to “grow up” and get over being “butt hurt” over people expressing their 1st amendment right to condemn Nazi promotion. Is it surprising that the Trump supporting individual promoting Nazism is a sex offender? Nope. According to Sarah, people need to just “get over” their outrage at a person who supports a political movement (nazism) which called for the extinction of an entire ethnicity. Way to go Sarah, apparently you aren’t a big fan of freedom of speech when that speech disagrees with the promotion of fascism.

  • mr. Reichman

    No harm, no foul. I see NO problem with this flag. It’s called freedom of expression. If this one flag offends so many people I have one token of advice…..don’t ever look at my facebook page. I have these flags and many more flying all over my property.

  • Josue reyes

    Bloomsburg organizers say we can’t monitor all of our vendors? Sounds like they are passing the buck. If you organize a fair this large don’t tell me that you don’t have someone watching the vendors. That’s poor organization. I would like to hear their anger at such depravity.

    • Writer Girl

      Ever been a part of any big event? Much goes into it and you can’t watch everyone. With social media, the general public knows what goes on before others, it seems. Do you think this guy said I’m a sex offender and sell Nazi flags?
      I doubt it. People lie on paper and to get what they want. Ask any illegal.

  • buzz

    lets have the liberals have a seizure and quiver and convulse all into the pathetic wittle safe zones they have since they get offended by everything. God forbid you sneeze on them they will sue you for that

    • Walter White

      Sounds like you’re talking from experience. That’s probably what you do whenever you see Colin Kaepernick.

    • Maybe...

      Nazis LIVE in safe spaces, hiding behind sheets, as online trolls and masquerading as religious conservatives. Spare me.

      • gwsjr425

        Spare you….spare you what? As far as anyone can tell the intellectual depth of your argument consists solely of the hackneyed “RACISTBIGOTHOMOPHOBEHATER” knee-jerk response that is part and parcel of liberals unable to form a coherent thought.

    • Valfreyja

      This just in: Alt-right nut jobs think being upset at displays of nazi sympathy are now part of the “lib’rul” agenda.

      When your personal ideology has lead you to defend naziism that should be your call to correct yourself; you impossible fool.

    • Rurbanite

      Yes, Buzz, I am very much offended. I am offended by the fact that two of my uncles were maimed for life in WWII fighting what that Nazi flag stood for. And countless other American veterans who continue to sacrifice for this country, including Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, and many others. It’s no surprise to see Mr Trump’s flag there… He always wanted a Purple Heart, didn’t he?

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