Bloomsburg Fair Kickoff and the Impact on Nearby Businesses

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BLOOMSBURG -- There is big business on the 1st day of the Bloomsburg Fair.

There is all the  food and the vendors that compete with all the businesses in town near the fairgrounds.

Under clear blue skies, a feast for the eyes, at the first day of the Bloomsburg Fair.

There is so much to see, so much to eat, and for one rookie horsewoman, so many ribbons.

“This is only my first year showing so I am pretty proud of myself for getting all the ribbons,” said Caley Treat from Bloomsburg.

As other kids romped in a sandbox filled with corn, some grownups had fun too.

“I just like the atmosphere and the food. I am going to eat my way through the food,” said Rose Pfeiffer from Tatamy.

Speaking of chow, at one of the fair's oldest church dining stands, it was a perfect start.

“I am getting my halo shined and my wings fluffed,” said one fair attendee.

This year volunteers from St. Johns Community Church are getting a helping hand to keep the tasty tradition alive.

“This year, we have another church that is coming in with us because we don't have enough people of our own,” said Kay Carl, from St. Johns Community Church.

The fairground isn't the only place where it's time to make money; Penn State Thon campaigners took advantage of all the traffic in town.

“We are doing a lot better than we thought we were going to do, better than any canning trip I have ever been on, so it's really awesome, yeah,” said Grace Hill, State College.

Managers of businesses in downtown Bloomsburg say when it comes to fair week, you have to have a plan.

At Smitty's Steaks, fewer customers come in during fair time due to the traffic, but deliveries double so the owner's marketing that message.

“We will deal with the car traffic and all that. You just sit at home and call us," said Michael Smith from Smitty's Steaks.

Another business downtown says, "If you can't beat them, join them."

The Bloomsburg Fair runs all week until next Saturday.



    Please investigate a group of Penn State Canners were outside the Bloomsburg fair all day and at around 4-4:30 a secruity guard came out and took their money claiming they were lucky he wasn’t calling the police and getting them arrested. Who took the money that was donated to Pediatic Cancer. Where is the money? This is outrageous.

    • Karen

      I was told it is here, if you’re looking. “Here’s the stand’s location, as far as I know:
      5TH ST 05 Stand Name – Lawrence of Indiana Owner – Lawrence Betsinger Novelties, Hat pins, Flags, Lighters, Belt Buckles, Belts, etc”.

  • Enid

    A group of Penn State University Thon canners were outside the Bloomsburg fair all day and later in the day ( yesterday around 4/4:30) the fair security took the money from their cans and told them they were lucky they weren’t arrested. Seriously who are they to steal the money that is being used for children with cancer and their family. They should be arrested.

  • Laura

    Too bad the Penn State canners were not allowed to keep the money that was donated for THON. Fair security confiscated it. Shameful!

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