Student Street Artwork Serves as Reminder

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POTTSVILLE -- A Schuylkill County middle school student's artwork became street art along 3rd Street in Pottsville. The design placed on the sidewalk and street, ties into an environmental initiative.

"Part of our mission at the partnership for the Delaware Estuary is to educate people on environmental issues and  how they can protect their environment," Virginia Vassalotti with the Delaware Estuary.

The Delaware Estuary had students throughout the county create artwork that would be attention grabbing and help remind people not to litter, especially near storm drains.

"Storm drains connect to streams and streams are our source of drinking water. So it's everyone's responsibility to help protect our streets and our streams," added Vassalotti.

Justin Lescavage was in 7th grade when he drew up the 'Mario' themed artwork. The now 8th grader won the county-wide competition for the best design that reminds people littering  near storm drains can lead to pollutants going into our waterways.

"It's good to know that it will set an example for other people that will walk by and see it and think that the sewers are pretty dirty so we should take more care of it," said Lescavage.

"It's nice to see that people are actually starting to do something about the litter that is always going on especially with people walking around all time of the night around here," said Joe Kane of Pottsville.

The storm drain sticker artwork should stick around for about a year reminding people every day, that littering causes a domino effect of damage.

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