New Businesses Moving Into Downtown Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- If you like pizza, wine, and hard cider, you'll soon be able to find all that and more in downtown Stroudsburg.

Several new businesses are preparing to open this fall.

First up, Banter's Hard Cider, right across the street from the Monroe County Courthouse.

"We specialize in craft ciders. We have nine blends we will offer to customers and we are hoping to open towards the end of October," said Steve Brancato, Banter's Hard Cider.

Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst already has a business on Main Street.

As a business owner, she's excited about the competition but as mayor, she's thrilled to see new life moving in.

"If you think about the booming towns in Pennsylvania alone, the quaint little towns that everyone always makes day trips to, they have something for everyone and that is what Stroudsburg is trying to do," said Mayor Tarah Probst, Stroudsburg.

One of the new businesses is actually getting an order ready to open up next Monday. It's a pizza shop right on Main Street.  Owners tell us they are bringing a New York-style flavor to the Poconos.

Owners of Stroudsburg Pizzeria come from the Binghamton area. Specialties here will be sheet pizzas and chicken spiedies.

"Stroudsburg is a little booming town, with the college and we heard a lot of good things about Stroudsburg and we are going to give it a shot," said Michael Buchanan, Stroudsburg Pizzeria co-owner.

Two wineries are also scheduled to open on Main Street and a Popcorn Buddha on 8th Street.

"They are all putting out interesting and unique stuff as well and I am just glad to be a part of that," said Brancato.

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