Giant Anti-Hillary Sign Greets Drivers Along Route 33

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- The person who made a giant sign along the side of a busy road is apparently not a fan of Hillary Clinton.

The sign is along Route 33 south as you head out of Monroe County and into Northampton County.

And to make sure everyone who drives through can see it, flood lights illuminate it at night.


  • bryce

    Actually Dave, the only times I’ve cried in the past 4-8 years were when I was attending my friends and family members funerals (more so on actually hearing of their passing), which is in direct correlation of the current and former government policies, rules, and practices. How am I going to feel better about somebody laughing about clearing a child predator of all charges so he can possibly do it again if I do “research”? I swear, there has to be an island for people that think this way. You have to be Trolling me, but just in case you are not? May I suggest moving to Liberia or maybe the Bikini Islands? I heard they are both like paradise for those with your high moral standards.

  • A American tired of getting chit on by illegals and deadbeats on welfare

    Anyone other than an clinton would of been in jail already. USSA needs Trump to right the ship.

  • typical liberal dope

    dave is a typical liberal dope so he get’s the mantra “truth to a liberal as salt to a slug” ENJOY!

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Sorry, gruber. I use my real name.

    I proudly support Donald Trump, and am equally proud of the fact that I’m not falling for Hillary Clinton’s lies.


  • bryce

    Last time I checked, you don’t just get “sued” for raping a kid. Ask Sandusky. Also, contrary to your farcical statement, there is actual audio recorded PROOF of Hillary laughing about getting a 42 year old off on charges of raping a twelve year old. “He took a polygraph, and passed. Which forever destroyed my faith in them. Hahahaha” -Hillary Rodham 1975

    • Dave

      If you took the time to research it you would find out why. I am positive you won’t though so I won’t waste my time trying to convince a moron.Instead I will get new votes out as I have been and look forward to seeing you cry for another 4 to 8 years..

  • went to war for noting

    This woman is above the law. She is also a pathological liar. If she gets elected believe me the damage will be done. She says no change to the gun laws (liar). You will be lucky if your able to hunt. If it was between voting for her and going to prison I would pick prison.

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