Traffic Signal at ‘Dangerous’ Intersection Up and Running

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CARBONDALE TOWNSHIP -- For years, people have said something needed to be done to make an intersection safer in part of Lackawanna County.

Now, work is all but complete on the improved intersection beast Carbondale.

After years of trepidation on the part of drivers on Route 6 near Carbondale, a traffic signal controls the cars and trucks at this intersection.

Over the years, this spot where the Casey Highway splits from Business Route 6 has been notorious for crashes.

“We’ve had a number of crashes. Many of those crashes happened because cars were pulling out here or the other side and were getting sideswiped,” said James May, PennDOT.

Earlier this year, crews put in a temporary traffic light and started work on the long-awaited safety project. All that's left is some drainage, new signs, and a coarse, non-slick surface on the road.

“That will ensure if anyone comes along and doesn’t see the traffic signal, they’ll be able to stop a lot easier,” May explained.

After months of construction, the project is nearly complete. While PennDOT is pretty happy with how the safety improvements have turned out so far, what do drivers think?

“I think it’s going to fix a lot of problems with that intersection and save a lot of lives,” said Matt Swendsen of Waymart.

The intersection at the eastern end of the Casey Highway has seen its fair share of crashes in the past. Ones that may have been prevented with a traffic light that's now in place.

“It comes up on you pretty quick and with the new signal they have up there will really slow people down and make them aware of the intersection,” Swendsen said.

“There’s never been an actual death at that intersection. It’s either been up the road or down on the highway, but there have been some really bad accidents,” said Whites Crossing Fire Chief John Piwowarcyk.

There are also electronic signs leading up to the intersection in both directions on Route 6 letting drivers know if the signal is red. The entire project is expected to be wrapped up next month.



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