Students Scramble After ITT Tech Shuts Down

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DUNMORE -- The sign outside the old ITT Tech in Dunmore reads "Space Available." Take a drive along Interstate 81, and you'll see a sign on Johnson College's digital billboard that reads "ITT Tech Call Us About Completing Your Degree."

The technology institute giant shut down all of its campuses last week after sanctions against the federal government.

"We just want to help these students so we made this happen," said Joan Bonczek, Senior Director of Academics at Johnson College. "We created this time and everybody was on board."

"It was huge," said Steven Serfass of Tobyhanna. "It was heartbreaking for me cause I spent so much time studying and working hard for it."

In the past, ITT Tech students could not transfer credits if they were transferring to Johnson College. But after ITT Tech closed its doors, school officials got the go-ahead from the accreditation body saying to transfer as many credits as possible from those old ITT Tech students.

"I really appreciate what they're doing here to transfer something because some schools won't give me a chance because its been really hard losing what I had learned." Serfass added.

In Serfass' case, he was three months away from graduating with a degree in computer electronics engineering. Since the abrupt closure, he's been checking out different colleges to see which one fits best and which one will transfer the most credits.

"We had a couple of options that we went to but Johnson College so far is one of the best choices in my opinion," he added.

"I had a year left," said John Zumbluskas of Archbald. "I was [at ITT Tech] for a full year."

Zumbluskas worked as a chef for 33 years, but attended ITT Tech so he could change careers and learn about computer drafting and design. Johnson college offers a very similar program.

"I feel a lot better now and a lot relief and a lot of pressure taken off," he added.

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    WOW! I can’t imagine how those students must feel. Super thankful that Johnson is offering help for those who are now put into this position. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops like this to better yourself.

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