Power To Save: Bright Benefits for Gerrity’s

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SCRANTON -- Shoppers visiting Gerrity's Supermarket on Meadow Avenue in Scranton this week may have noticed something a little bit different.

"It`s a lot brighter and we've been getting a lot of comments from customers, they don`t know what it is but they're like, `the store seems so much nicer, and brighter, and everything looks better,'" said Gerrity's owner Joe Fasula.

The subtle change in lighting came following a big undertaking, converting six stores to all LED lighting. This store's manager, Jack Archer, hopes for some immediate benefits.

"When it`s lighter it looks fresher, it looks newer, it has buy appeal, and that`s what we`re looking for in the new lighting," Archer said.

Fasula wants a more long-term benefit: that the $80,000 investment will eventually pay for itself in energy savings.

"Every couple of years a new lighting company will come to me and say, `is it time to do this?` I`ll look at the cost and say, `not quite yet.'  It used to be a five-year return on investment, it used to take five years to get the energy savings to pay for them. Now it`s down to two and a half years," Fasula added.

There are about 700 bulbs in each of the six stores that need to be replaced, and it`s not just the overhead lighting.  It`s also every bulb in every refrigerated case.

The transition isn't quite complete at the Meadow Avenue store. Gerrity's said along with a different kind of light, the new bulbs are also plastic. Therefore, safer to have hanging over food.

Then there's the big number: saving about 500,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

"That is the equivalent of 74 cars being taken off the road, and that is the equivalent of about 775,000 tons of carbon monoxide," Fasula said.


  • 0U812

    Thing is those bright led lights cause me to get headaches, so I tend to avoid stores that use them. There are loads of articles out there if you can use google, linking these types of lights to headaches, migraines, and anxiety. Sad thing is I shop at this location a lot since it’s in my neighborhood.

    • WAKE UP

      Your right. I use to have the same issue with the whitish-blue LED lights without the deflectors. But, this is a newer generation of LED bulbs with deflectors. They have come a long way in the last few years. So in theory it shouldn’t have that effect.
      I got the newer warm light LED bulbs last year in every light in my house no headaches yet.

      • 0U812

        Still, stores like Target and Walmart in Dickson city, give me nasty headaches and trigger higher anxiety levels in me if I have to be in there for longer than five minutes. So if their lights have that effect, and these are similar, I’ll have to stop shopping at Gerrities as well. I still use the old standard bulbs in my house. Even if the led bulbs were free I’d still pay more for the old bulbs.

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