Poll: Trump Leading in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY-- A recent poll by Remington Research Group has found Donald Trump leading in Luzerne County, a so-called ‘battleground county.’

That poll shows Trump has 52 percent support versus 37 percent for Clinton in Luzerne County.

Bob Bolus owns a trucking company in Lackawanna County and almost every day for months now, he and his drivers have been taking specialized Donald Trump trailers on the road.

He says the support in Luzerne County and beyond has been tremendous.

"That's why I'm out doing this, our drivers are out doing this because they're dedicated to see something change and he'll make the change,” said Bolus.

In Pittston, Hillary Clinton supporters opened a campaign office Thursday night.

"I was really secure that Hillary Clinton could pull it off, we weren't going to have a problem, and then I saw the polls come out and I said this is not going to be an easy fight so I'm here to lend my support to Hillary Clinton,” said supporter Denise Jemiola who lives in Luzerne County.

"It makes me really concerned that Luzerne County has not stepped up in a way that I always heard Luzerne County stepped up, so I really hope that it's not really gonna happen here and it's going to be a strong Hillary area,” said Adele Tavella, a Clinton campaign volunteer.

Bolus says he's talked to many Democrats who are Trump supporters now.

"It's gonna change. You people have destroyed this country, you've destroyed the growth, that's why people move out of here, companies move have left here because these people have destroyed it,” said Bolus.

According to Remington Research Group, Trump is also leading in another crucial Keystone State county: Northampton County.


  • Fluffhead416

    When he says he’s going to make Mexico pay for the wall, remember, he just made CNN pay for his entire campaign. He is playing a game of chess on a level that is unfathomable. Very smart man. #MAGA

  • Joe

    Luzerne County is getting it right for once, GO TRUMP! I have gotten lots of positive comments on my Trump shirts at local stores in heavily blue WIlkes-Barre.

    • Harambe 2016

      It ‘s probably out of sympathy. Kind of like when you tell someone with an ugly kid they have a cute baby and walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. Much like many NEPA when they open there mouth before thinking.

  • Harambe 2016

    Can we just get a redo on choices? Trump is a business man who is selling himself like a cheap car sales men but doesn’t even know what to do if he had it. Hillary is digging herself a grave and should have quit back when Bill was in office. At this point no one has explained HOW they will fix things but just point blame at both sides. POTUS isnt the only thing that needs to a new person. What about the people that decide for our country that won’t push anything through just because they want to keep a job till they die? This area is filled with single minded people who have no interest in changing to the modern age. I feel bad for the next generation.

  • Grocery GIANT

    If you want to See No EBT, and NO Assistance for Medical Care and NO small Town Clinics, and TAXES for Lower and Middle Class Families and Retirees GO UP, and more money taken from your PAYCHECK. VOTE TRUMP. THE NATION WILL NEVER BE THE SAME if we Vote Mr Trump the BANKRUPTCY, CASINO KING as he is now Internationally Known. TRUMP will build HATE, SEGREGATION, Racism, Walls and PAY FOR IT In the Long Run. We will PAY out of our Taxes to Build a Wall, and the bill will be sent to MEXICO and they will not pay. AMERICANS wil pay pay pay…. WAKE UP. btw,.. there were thousands of Emails erased in the Bush Terms as President… re: 911: Weapons of Mass Destruction??? Ring a bell… Dont call Mrs Hillary Rhodham Clinton SOS, First LAdy,… Senator, Killary a liar n thief,… When George Bush and many before were just the Same. Where are the thousands of Emails missing form GEORGE BUSH and Dick Cheny!!! Just because Clinton is a woman,.. Many Men want to Bully and say they are right on… Believe me. My Kids are worth more than your Bully Trump


    Praise be to God and to President Trump! Look at all the “deplorables” supporting our great president! I think it ought time that “sick Hillary” spends some time in Hazleton with the real deplorables plauging our fine country. The illegals! Once she’s mugged, her wheels stolen off her car and put on cinder blocks, and has to sell her pneumonia medicine for street drugs perhaps her opinion on what kind of folks make up the deplorables. Its not hard working god-fearinng protestants, Its all the unemployed, the illegals, fat people, catholics and worst of all liberal feminists. We need a strong president to fix our broken country, and only President Trump has the fortitude under the belt to get it done right.

    • Grocery GIANT

      There have been numerous Hillary Signs Torn Down and found in Stacks of 10+ This shows you the MEntality of Many in Luzerne County. We have even had Hate Threats to people walking out of her Campaign Office.
      Sooo Sad,… Will there be VIOLENCE when TRUMP LOOSES???

  • Rambo

    This is the same story all over America the media won’t show you a Trump Blowout. How much money would they make then. Killiary is finished. I am proud that my county is on the Trump side with this awesome poll. Can’t wait until Obuma is out and Trump is in. We have had 8 years of nothing but the same wages and higher gas and food prices so now lets Make America Great Again.

    • Maybe...

      Hmm, latest report was that median incomes went up. And gas is cheaper at my usual gas station that is was 8 years ago. (it was about $3.25) And I didn’t even see that on msnbc!! But why confuse a debate with a Trump supporter by introducing facts into the discussion. They are immune.

    • Maybe...

      Um, median incomes went up this year. And when Obama took office gas was $3.25 a gallon. But why confuse a debatee with a Trump supporter by introducing facts. They don’t believe in them.

      • Rambo

        Hey Maybe…. We got no hope and no change with your buddy Obuma but we will with Trump.So climb on the Trump Train Because We will Make America Safe Again. Just ask people in Chicago how that change Obuma gave them if you can find them because they are being killed at a alarming rate. ” Obuma’s home city by the way”

  • reality

    Mark Silvers of Berwick..You crack me up.. One I am no down dressed, pickup driving shotgun carrying person. However, you sir would not eat, shop, get car parts or pretty much anything that you use daily to survive on without 18 wheelers delivering those items across the country. You should thank them You should also understand that you should never judge anyone .. unless you are perfect and you sir living in Berwick… (by far not the classiest of PA places to live) are and never will be perfect. I am a woman and I will be voting for Trump. Not that liar. Who’s record of the pros for the US verse the cons for the US. Is outdone by the Cons.. Cons on every level , to lies, death, theft and most importantly her out right use of the American people to make her life better.

    • magicmikexxsm


      Your post is a crock of krap….yes America is a Great country, but we are on the down hill side of that Greatness due to 8 years of obama’s failures……You’d rather vote for a known LIAR named Hillary, who used her own email servers to hide emails from the feds and we the people, about her pay to play scam……..grow a brain lady…

    • reality

      She stole the furniture from the white house when she left… and had to return it. I guess she figured the taxpayers that paid for that wouldn’t mind and it should be a gift. She is a liar. And she takes far to much foreign money. NO country that hates us that much just give that amount of money without expecting something in return. Her ties to Soros.. he is an evil man and has given millions to her. As for the bankruptcies I could care less about them.. we as a nation are already in bankruptcy.. isn’t like he could “put” us there.. and you know what Hillary has been there for the last 30 yrs building that debt. She is a part of it. And so this deplorable ( she hates half of us) has it correct.. Businesses that file bankruptcy Chapter 13 do have to pay back … personal bankruptcy Chapter 7 they do not… unless they want to keep the car or the house.. then payment arrangements are made. God bless your husband for his hard work. And thank you for your warning of false prophets .. however I believe the biggest fault here would be Hillary being president. I would also encourage everyone to research every website, not just ones for your candidate and compare stores inform yourself. And definitely not the news stations.. That’s the beauty of this country and our freedom that we have.

  • sniffles

    I think what we have been seeing the last day or two has been Hillary’s body double. I believe she is still at home suffering from God only knows what diseases Bill has brought back to her.

  • White lies matter

    That lead could vanish as soon as he blurts out classified info during a coughing fit, as he’s trying to find his right shoe that fell off when he passed out.

  • Timmy

    People understand that Hillary never quite tells the truth. People also understand Hillary’s view of them as peasants and that in her mind she is owed the office of the presidency. People also can see Hillary physically failing right before their eyes as they watch her on the campaign trail. Despite a local talk show host / “journalist” yelling at them each afternoon from 3 to 6 that they must vote Hillary, people aren’t buying the lie ! ! I’m proud of you for smartening up !

    • angela

      You think things are bad now, electing Trump will end life in the U.S. as we know it. You’ll wish for the complaints you have today. He wants your support but you will get nothing that you bargained for in return. We’ve already lost credibility in the world, even before the results are in. We have never been so weak as a nation.

  • Fed Up

    How about the polls showing that the American peoples trust in the media is at an all time low of 31%. Trump has single handedly exposed them as biased unethical minions, who feel the public is only entitled to their agenda and propaganda. I sincerely hope a real law is implemented to hold news outlets for “media malpractice” .

  • Mark Silvers of Berwick

    My Vote will be for CLINTON,.. It appears LUZERNE COUNTY is nearly alone with the Waste of Driving around in 18 Wheelers wasting Valuable Fuel.. Men dressed like they are poverty Stricken in Pick up Trucks with ShotGuns and life sized cut outs of Mr Trump,…… Makes We Pennsylvanians look Horrible

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