Former Pittston Area Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Police charged a former Pittston Area High School teacher Tuesday with institutional sexual assault for preying on a teenage girl who had no mother.

Colleen McGarry, 45, of Pittston was interviewed by police in February about allegations involving a sexual relationship with a student.

Then in May, the Pittston Area School District fired her, but it was not until Tuesday morning that she was charged.

Colleen McGarry had nothing to say as she left the magistrate's office in Plains Township. Court papers show the math teacher had plenty to say to investigators after they questioned her about a sexual relationship the math teacher had with her then-17-year-old student.

Court papers show the relationship began after the victim confided having feelings for the teacher.

McGarry told investigators, "I've taken her under my wing," and goes on to say about the victim, "She had no mom in her life at all, and was forced to grow up quick. She's an impressive young woman for what she's been through."

Shauna Cuff homeschools one of her children and in a few years will start teaching her newborn. She says the charges are tough to hear about. But police also say the relationship with that 17-year-old female student at Pittston Area High School was no secret.

"What happens when these people that you don't know are watching your kids?" Cuff asked.

According to court papers, the girl's friends would see them out together and police say the teacher even supplied alcohol once when the girl threw a party with other underage kids.

"I find that so deplorable on the teacher's part. You know that this person is vulnerable, and rather than push them to avenues that are going to be beneficial to them, you don't just go do that," said Cuff.

Colleen McGarry faces charges including institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and furnishing alcohol to minors.

She's locked up in the Luzerne County Prison after failing to post bail.


  • tyreem

    C’mon posters, calm down. Everybody is being a little rough on this educator. Did I miss the trial or something? Did she already admit guilt and I missed it? Everybody needs to remember how WE all convicted O.J. Simpson for murder before his trial and low and behold he was proven innocent by our court system.

  • Trapped

    First of all, the girl needed someone to trust and thought she finally had it in someone. Then this ugly womp of a creature comes in for the kill on an unsuspecting victim. Do yourself a favor and pull the trigger on your existence if you ever feel it coming to this. We have enough hurt in the community and you are just making it worse. The victim is always put in a position where they can’t even defend themselves justly; due to the law or circumstances. The court system is barely a way to get justice in so many situations. Set your warped mind on something constructive instead of someone’s loved one. Get help, admit your problems, put down the bottle/needle/pipe and get fixed.

    • Josh

      They had a relationship… If it was a couple months later it wouldn’t be a problem other than she’s a teacher and would lose her job for having a relationship with a student.. They were seen out together by friends.. You’re acting as if she raped her.. What’s all this talk about getting fixed? Homosexual lifestyle is not a disease..

      Although.. Sex with anyone under 18 is definitely wrong by law and moral standards.

    • Prior Student

      I was in her class early 2000’s and she was having a relationship with one if not multiple girls in our class (Basketball coach at the time so who knows how many). She gave everyone a passing grade in our pre-calc class ranging from A-C but never taught and just hung out with the basketball team. She is absolutely a cereal child predator and deserves whatever they give her.

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