Carbon County Man Killed in Berks County Cycle Crash

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TILDEN TOWNSHIP — A man from Carbon County was killed in a wreck Sunday in Berks County.

Police said Dean Steigerwalt, 53, of Lehighton, was riding his motorcycle with his wife around 2:30 p.m. Sunday on Route 61 in Tilden Township when they crashed.

Steigerwalt was killed and his wife was seriously injured.

Police say the wreck happened after an 82-year-old woman made a u-turn over a concrete median, pulling into the lane in front of the Steigerwalts. That driver wasn’t hurt.


    • none ya

      typical biker dope? what a a***hole. sounds to me like the 82 yr old that shouldnt have a license is at fault here. i guess you’d have to read the article to know this…. all you’re worried about is car after a guy just died. what a loser

      • a choice to be made

        typical biker dope has a point here. Any other vehicle besides “death on two wheels” and the driver probably walks away. Another genius riding a motorcycle… remorse here when you choose to ride a death machine.

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