Ohio Police Post Shocking Photos of Adults Who Overdosed With 4-Year-Old in Vehicle

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EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio – Police posted shocking photos of two adults -- who police believe had overdosed on heroin -- passed out in a car with a 4-year-old boy in the backseat, according to WJW.

The city of East Liverpool, Ohio shared the photos on their Facebook page on Thursday after responding to a call of an incapacitated driver.

Police said they hope the photos send a message to drug users to think twice before abusing drugs.

The Liverpool Police Department posted shocking photos to Facebook showing two adults, who police believe were on heroin, passed out in a car with a little boy in the backseat. (Photo Credit: East Liverpool Police)

The Liverpool Police Department posted shocking photos to Facebook showing two adults, who police believe were on heroin, passed out in a car with a little boy in the backseat. (Photo Credit: East Liverpool Police)

“We feel it necessary to show the other side of this horrible drug. We feel we need to be a voice for the children caught up in this horrible mess. This child can’t speak for himself but we are hopeful his story can convince another user to think twice about injecting this poison while having a child in their custody,” wrote the city of East Liverpool, Ohio.

“We are well aware that some may be offended by these images and for that we are truly sorry, but it is time that the non drug using public sees what we are now dealing with on a daily basis," the post continued. "The poison known as heroin has taken a strong grip on many communities not just ours, the difference is we are willing to fight this problem until it’s gone and if that means we offend a few people along the way we are prepared to deal with that."

Police were alerted to the vehicle when an officer saw a Ford Explorer driving erratically and then slamming on the brakes as it approached a stopped school bus that was dropping kids off, the police report states.

When the officer approached the driver, later identified as James Acord, his head was bobbing and his speech was almost unintelligible.

Acord told the officer he was taking his front seat passenger, who was passed out and identified as Rhonda Pasek, to the hospital.

The officer said he reached into the vehicle, turned it off and removed the keys just as Acord attempted to drive away. That's when the officer noticed a 4-year-old boy in the backseat, who was later identified as Pasek's son.

The officer said Acord eventually passed out as well.

EMS responded and administered Narcan, a drug used to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose.

The Liverpool Police Department posted shocking photos to Facebook showing two adults, who police believe were on heroin, passed out in a car with a little boy in the backseat. (Photo Credit: East Liverpool Police)

The Liverpool Police Department posted shocking photos to Facebook showing two adults, who police believe were on heroin, passed out in a car with a little boy in the backseat. (Photo Credit: East Liverpool Police)

Acord and Pasek regained consciousness and were taken to the hospital.

Acord is charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering children, and slowing or stopping in a roadway. Pasek is charged with endangering children, public intoxication, and not wearing a seat belt.

The child is in the custody of Columbiana County Children's Services.



    Definitely it’s criminal to take drugs and drink in excess when one has children to raise. Shame on all the hopeless, ignorant, self-absorbed crazy people who think it’s okay. But what’s also not okay, is to have to explain to young children why there’s a man peeing in the ladies room, or vice versa, because of the rights of the transvestites and all the people who think that young children should have to be exposed to such insanity, and even have it explained to them This is a sick world and it’s getting sicker and sicker by the minute!

    • Angel

      I agree with your statement regarding bathrooms however, that subject is way off topic from this article especially since this child could have died if the driver passed out and crashed, or he could have been abducted while the adults who were supposed to be taking care of him nodded out in the car.

  • L. Roffe

    Well, stupid is as stupid does! What were these two brainless idiots thinking getting all hopped up on drugs and driving with a child in the back seat of the car! If they didn’t get themselves and the child killed they could have very well have killed some other innocent person and it has happened! They should have the little boy taken away from them and placed with a loving family. These two fuzz heads would eventually hurt him either physically or mentally or God forbid he gets into their stash of drugs and takes it just like mommy and daddy do. Result—-one dead kid. I don’t buy into this blather that drug addiction is a disease. Chicken pox,diabetes or bad kidneys are a disease. No one forced you to take that poison, you and you alone chose to take it when you could have either said no or walked away.Don’t you ever say that what you do to your body is none of my business. When you become a brainless, drooling, decrepit idiot in a nursing home, as a tax payer, you become my problem as it’s my hard earned money that would be keeping you alive and comfey! So, think before you take that poison as you not only destroy yourself, your children, extended family and everyone around you! As a former ICU nurse, I think I know what I’m talking about as I’ve seen it so many times and seen families fall apart because a loved one is so addicted. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Stupid is as stupid does! In the end I have to ask. Was your big high worth all the hell and pain you caused?

  • PSO134

    As a public safety official I have to agree that this was a good idea, I wish we could take videos and pictures of people who are on drugs or some form of synthetic substance that they choose to put in their bodies. OK I know that it is the persons right to confidentiality but we can censor their face.
    I think it would be good to do this and show our youth what this stuff causes.
    I also do not buy that it is a disease. It is a choice to put something in your own body.

  • m beach

    The heroin is probably laced with fentanyl. British Columbia has had 400 deaths in 6 months because of laced heroin and cocaine. They are probably lucky to be alive.

  • travelingsanta2013

    As a retired LEO of 32 years service and 25 of those as a State Narcotics Agent I applaud this action. I saw this time and time again during my career. These children did nothing to deserve the treatment that they were subjected to by their drug addled parents. I often wanted to bring these kids home, but could do nothing but turn them over to CPS. Many were returned back to their parents, some would eventually die at the hands of their parents because of physical abuse, many suffered mentally and all for what? So their parents could get high.. what a crock.


    This picture looks staged (fake), in order to send a message. If it is real, then whoever gives the child back to the mother should also be arrested.

  • l kelchner

    I feel it is great they finally do this and also these people that go to these methadone clinics drink there mess and drive with children in vehicles and also work jobs all nodding off something needs to stop this how can this be OK?

    • AsheepNoMore

      You people are so damn ignorant! I hope 1 day each and every 1 of you have to deal with a drug addict, who just so happens to be very close to you, then I bet you retards wouldn’t be talking so much shit!

      • Kim

        Lol so you wish more people would turn into idiots like these two? I think you need a reality check and need to realize this is a choice that they decide to make and we have the right to not want to help or feel sorry for them. The only way they will get better is if them chose too period.

    • John D

      If a person on a methadone clinic is on a proper dose they will not “nod off” as you say. I have been on a methadone clinic for a few years and people who I work with have no idea. In fact, thanks to the clinic I am working and do not take illicit substances anymore. Sure once in a while you will get a person that is getting to high a dose but that is far and few between. I guarantee if you met me you would not have the slightest idea I am on the methadone clinic. I am also in college now studying for my C.D.A.C (drug counselor) and hope in the future I can help somebody who was in the same boat I was

    • blah!

      The baby might have got shot in the head or something if the cop fired his gun. I guess it wouldn’t have mattered, the baby got taken away anyways.

    • Concerned

      They are already dead. There would be no need to shoot them in head. Grow up and realize that addiction is something that is incredibly hard to “get over” as some people say. There are mental health issues most of the time that are underlying the addiction. If those aren’t fixed, then the addiction would continue. It’s terrible that this happened, but I’m sure they have family members that are grieving a loss of a loved one, and could potentially be reading this ignorant and arrogant comments. Read a book once in awhile and gain some intelligence before you go spouting off.

  • Billie Jeanne

    free Narcan , for people who willingly dope up, but $700 for an epipen for allergic reaction – makes sense to me- give them their needles too – give them the heroin too

  • Addicts never change

    The child willl be the one to pay. These pictures are out. That child will grow up and I hope never, ever see these pictures. Ever. The die has been cast. At the expenses of the child “Just as I long as maybe these pictures bring some self centered drug addict to light.” Not gonna happen.

  • Daen

    A lot of people have their opinions, here’s mine , nobody’s totally right nor nobody’s wrong because we are entitled to believe , feel and think what we want. I choose to pray for them and hope for them, and believe their is an answer and may they find it in something other than Drugs. Sending everyone involved prayers and love !!

  • Louis

    It’s sickening to see this… But it should drive home a message… There is help out there… Take advantage of it… Also thank God someone noticed and called the cops… The next time the school bus stopped he might not have slammed on the breaks… Then this would have been an even more tragic story…

  • Open your Eyes

    You’re all so mad about people doing the drug. Do some research of where it comes from…and who’s military is guarding those poppy fields in Afghanistan that make 90% of the worlds supply of heroin? Open your eyes!!

    • Trish

      Oh please not sure if what your saying is legit or not because it just really doesn’t matter!! Don’t do the drugs and there will be no problem see how that works.
      Just say no!!!!!! I did it it’s super easy!! No, Nope, notta, oh hell no, take that shit and shove it. See there’s so many ways and all are so easy to say.

      • Mark

        Yes, trivializing a real issue is easy to do apparently but just saying “no” clearly isn’t as easy for many people as you think it is. The real answer to the war on drugs is decriminalizing those controlled substances and instead of putting drug users in overflowing prisons that only reinforce the behaviors that got them in there in the first place, put funding towards rehabilitation centers that give them the help they actually need.

      • Trish

        Uuhhh ya ok. Because these idiots choose to do this to themselves I have to refrain from my opinion uh nope, notta, oh hell NO!! Ya Sorry if it offends you but you need to get your head out of the clouds a realize the addicts are the problem. DONT DO IT PERIOD!!!!! Your not at addict until you choose let me say it again YOU CHOOSE, to do it. Not me, not the loser drug dealer down the road selling it to your dumb butt!! I pay for these idiots I damn sure have the right to say how disgusted I am with these losers! Go ahead start up
        With the “you don’t know” and the “clearly you’ve never been affected by it” but you can take that and shove it because you have no idea just how much I HAVE been affected by it. They only come out of it if they choose to or In a casket. They’re are nothing but life suckers and toxic to the whole Community and I just don’t care what the hell They do to themselves! I’ve recently chosen to rid my life of the leeches in my life so buhbye now going to live a nice clean Life!! Peace

      • It's True

        Trish, it does matter. If the US is enabling this in any way, you might agree that it should be stopped. Do a little research on this please.

      • Trish

        Listen I don’t think your getting what I’m saying.
        If this is true ok but what does it really matter? Are
        They making them do the drugs? Are they holding these addicts down and physically making them do it? NO! The problem
        Is the addicts. I’ll keep saying it don’t do these drugs in the first place
        And it won’t matter who’s supplying them, that’s a whole other issue. Are drug dealers dangerous? Ya they are.
        Do we need to do more
        To get rid of them? Oh hell yes. I worry more about an innocent child getting ahold of drugs not knowing what it is and ingesting it. But everyone else knowingly doing it piss on them not my problem they don’t deserve sympathy. In this day in age we all know what these kinds of drugs do to you and you still choose to do then whatever floats your boat have at it.

  • Big Dave

    Meanwhile, PA has budgeted $34,000,000 to help fight the addiction and recovery. Listen, my tax money doesn’t need to be used to assist ANYONE who made the choice at one point to do something illegal and life-threatening. You make the choice – you pay the consequences. Use my tax dollars for what they’re intended for – help welfare recipients get the new iPhone 7.

    • thankyou my friend

      Hi Dave just wanting to tell you thanks for the new I phone 7. I couldn’t post on here without you my friend. Having a I phone 7 is just like heroin, they’re both addictions. Thankyou for supplying me with both. I don’t work and of coursr, i don’t pat taxes. It’s nice to have people like you to do it for me.

      • Trish

        Oh I bet it is. But on the other hand knowing I don’t get anything for free has given me the great satisfaction of knowing I’m not a scum bag and no matter what my life will always be better than yours. Toodels!!

      • Big Dave

        Hi. Tell you what, on the 1st of the month, go pick up some smack with your check. Hopefully, it’ll erase you from the welfare payrolls, and it’s also a great weight loss tool, Chubby.

  • Lisa Labar

    I hate drugs ,i mean i really hate drugs.Its riuned,who use to be , great people.People i loved dearly,it has ripped a whole through our lives.We are learning to recover,trying so hard not to look back.I had to close the door to people i never thought i would.I still try not to cry cause they were such great people once with such fine reputations once.Sometimes i i feel guilty like why ,i mean i know its not my fault and did everthing to help them.They were ruining my life and stressing out my kids so bad.I had no choice
    I pray dearly for them though.That they get help amd dont die.

  • Swedish Chef

    If only heroin was illegal, then they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the stuff anymore…oh, wait.

  • Julie

    Hi i have been clean and sober for 6 years my drug of choice was heroin and yes drugs was my whole world I ate slept and was driven to drugs. Nothing is more important. And yes I have three children who had seen me while I was on drugs they went with me and my spouse to get drugs. Fortunately I changed my life for the better and now I can give them a happy, healthy and safe life drug free. And they now have my full attention. I pray for those who are out there still sick and suffering. May they hit rock bottom and find the courage to get thgthge help they son desperately need.

  • Sarah

    Thing is, drug users WON’T think twice about using drugs with their children present, even seeing this pictures. Because they DON’T CARE. That’s the nature of drug addiction. While in the throes of addiction, their brains are destroyed by the drug and they literally cannot care about anything but the drug.
    So this should actually be addressed to those who know drug users with children, friends, relatives, etc… Protect the children. Report the drug use to children’s services. Do not hesitate; do not try “protect” the parent; by protecting the parent, you could be seriously endangering the child. REPORT PARENTS WHO USE DRUGS! You could save a child’s life. Most of the parents will just get fined, probation, or do a 30 day stint and be out to use again in no time. You can report anonymously. Hey, who knows? They may even choose to get rehab. It may be the wake-up call they need.

    • Jess

      The system is so broken!! IT WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Been there done that!! Child services is a joke and have failed so many children like this one. They have failed children in my own family in a situation like this it is disgusting.

  • Whatever831

    Disgusting. I wonder if they’ll wake up with this second chance, but hopefully the child will not be a part of it. I hope the child goes to a loving home. That’s just awful.

  • let me know when its over

    “Police said they hope the photos send a message to drug users to think twice before abusing drugs.”
    They only think about getting high again. They didn’t think about that child in the back seat, or anyone else on the road, They Just thought about getting high.

    Very Sad and this is everywhere in the country

  • Jason

    Narcan for free, but I now have to pay $600 bucks for an EpiPen. When’s America going to wake up and see what’s going on in this country. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on with politics. We have some major issues in this country!

      • Jess

        Well if these idiots didn’t do it over and over and over again maybe we wouldn’t Jump to conclusions. In this scenario I’d say jumping to a conclusion would be saying something like “I bet they learned their lesson and they are gonna be wonderful productive beings for the rest of their lives”. HA

      • Gdeez10

        Lisa, while I fully agree with you that people should read before jumping to conclusions…nowhere in this article does it say they are in jail. Charged…yes. Jail…no. I think the point Heather was trying to make is that people like this often times do not learn their lesson and sadly go right back to using.

    • whoamitosay

      not just wilkes-barre, but scranton, tunkhannock and so many other towns in the area. also, young and old alike.

      • mike

        They should have taken the child and Left the adults. Instead of allowing them to continue to drain public resources and tax dollars. Put addicts down like a mutt with many.

      • mike

        NA comes right out and says as addicts they are unable to manage their own lives. I’m sure they are enjoying a cheap bundle right now. Shine on you crazy diamond. Next time they are in the news will probably be in the obituary with any luck at least.

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