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Shoppers Delight in Labor Day Sales

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- A lot of people spend their day off of work hunting down the best deals. Dozens of stores offer Labor Day sales through the weekend.

The checkout lines at Target were a bit busier than they normally are on a Monday here in Muncy Township.

"There's a lot of great deals right now for back to school clothes, for the summer and for next summer," said Kim Price.

Usually, Kim Price would be at work at this time of the day. Instead, she packed a cart with bargains.

"I work at a school so I have off for Labor Day,” said Price.

Kim isn't the only one that knows Labor Day is a good time to find a sale. There were rows of cars parked outside the shopping plaza near Muncy. We found several more bargain hunters here at the Lycoming Mall.

"Recently got some birthday money and I wanted to spend it,” said Trinity Gill.

Trinity Gill came to the mall with her friends.

"Labor Day we don't have school and probably find some good deals," said Gill.

"I got the bill," laughed Bradford McLaughlin.

Bradford McLaughlin carried the shopping bags for his fiancée.

"She got a blouse. My grandson got a tuxedo,” said McLaughlin.

Bradford is getting married in just about a month.

"We don't get out often, you know, I'm working,” said McLaughlin.

It's why he says this day of shopping with his family was time and money well-spent.