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In Luzerne County, Laboring on Labor Day

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WILKES-BARRE -- Lewis Holmes is a cook at the King of Kings Gyro on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre. He's working on Labor Day because he could use the extra cash, but he also admits working the holiday isn't all that bad because the place closes a few hours early.

"It's nice to get out early, maybe go hang out with friends later, have a beer, but I mean, it's just another day. If I could work all day, I'd do it."

Over at Kirby Park, Elaine Weale of Forty Fort is enjoying her day off at the NEPA Labor Day Celebration. But the nurse of 30 years is no stranger to working holidays.

"For 35 years, I worked every other holiday, and you just put it in your rotation, your family understands, it's just part of the job!"

In Wyoming, Patrolman Paul Bowman was supposed to be off for the holiday, but he was called in after an armed robbery happened at the Unimart on Wyoming Avenue in the borough.

"Once you get used to this job, it's another day!"

Then, there are your trusted local news reporters, tirelessly delivering to you the info you need.

"When I saw you two guys working the camera and mic i said, 'these two guys drew the short straw for Labor Day.' You seem to be having a lot of fun!" said Edd Raineri.

And on this warm Labor Day, there are flowers that need watering, and government employees working, making sure the Diamond City keeps its sparkle.