Power To Save: Alabaster Coffee Helps School Build Portable Cafe

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Most come to Alabaster Coffee in Billtown for, well, the coffee.

"I like the atmosphere. I would want to work here,"

Tymir is about to get his wish. Pretty soon, the senior at Williamsport Area High School be a trained Alabaster barista, but he won't be working at the shop on West Fourth Street. Instead, he will manage the portable coffee bar at his high school.

"The espresso machine that we are going to be using is going to be back here, so I’ll be back here," said Tymir James.

Students are almost finished building the portable coffee bar.

"Basically everyone in this class except for me drinks coffee," said Tanner Esposito.

Complete, a program at Williamsport Area High School which helps students connect with businesses in the area, helped put the $20,000 project together.

"It's a great way for students to build a skill set and to gain business savvy,” said Kristin Takach.

The owners at Alabaster try to cut costs and energy where they can. Their cups and their packaging are both environmentally friendly. It's an idea Alabaster is hoping to pass along to their newest barista at Williamsport Area High School.

"Hopefully, that will spill into other areas of their lives where they are thinking about, what do I need," said Karl Fisher.

When the owner of alabaster Karl Fisher helped design the coffee bar, he put in a closed plumbing system to help conserve water.

"As easy as water that I think we sometimes take for granted, you know they will have a limited supply and have to keep that on the forefront of their minds,” said Fisher.

The portable coffee bar should be open by October. The school hopes to use it at special events during the year.

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