Proposal to Slow Down Big Rigs

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- Federal officials want to force lower speeds on truckers and bus drivers, but not everyone is on board with the plan.

A new proposal out Friday would cap speeds with a device on newly made U.S. vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds. But some truckers think forcing them to slow down could create more headaches.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to reduce deadly crashes on interstate highways, so they're now considering making manufacturers of trucks and buses install devices that would prevent the vehicles from exceeding certain speed limits.

George Nasser has seen plenty of big rigs traveling way above the speed limit on highways.

I stay away from them. I back right off, and if I have to I get off the exit."

Transportation officials are seeking comment on whether or not to force big rigs and other big trucks to travel at 60, 65, or 68 miles per hour.

Jerry Stiner has been trucking for two decades. He says if big rigs are forced to travel too low of a speed, like 60 mph, it could lead to dangerous driving conditions for smaller vehicles.

"That's just too slow," Stiner said. "You're holding up traffic and you're just creating a mess on the highway."

The federal government plans to take public comment in the next 60 days to determine the final speed of big rigs.

"I'd say 70 is a good enough speed to maintain, to get up a hill or an incline," said Nasser.

Older vehicles would not be required to install the devices. Federal officials believe capping speeds could save more than 1,100 fatal crashes every year.


  • common sense stuff

    If they were serious about safety all truckers would be paid hourly and not by the mile or per load


    I sometimes wonder as I’m driving the various I-8X highways how many of these drivers are drugged up on coke and how much illegal Mexican dope/immigrants are they hauling through our area? In my best Ronald Regan (God Bless R.R) impersonation: “President Trump, build that wall and make America great again!”

  • Greg

    Spend some time on the interstates in this area and you will see the most dangerous driving is usually done by car drivers cutting off tractor trailers. Just get in to the right lane a quarter mile before your exit, don’t cut from the passing lane to the off-ramp in front of other cars and big rigs

    • Bill K

      Motorcycles are far worse than cars. They weave in and out, speed and pass where you’re not supposed to. I’ve had them pass me on city streets. the only time I see them is when they blow past me going well over the speed limit. Yet all we hear is for drivers of automobiles to look out. Wish they’d start obeying the law.

  • bigger is better

    The problem with trucking in our area is all the small, family owned companies. They arent well regulated, the drivers cheat on their logbooks, (no e-logs) and their equipment is never maintained until its time for an inspection sticker.

    • Don M

      FYI: The rules already require that all companies will eventually use electronic logs. Its just that full implementation is not yet complete. The rules keep changing ever few years and most changes further restrict drives as to what they can do and when. You wouldn’t believe the complexity of these rules either. It would take the ordinary person weeks to fully and completely understand and be able to follow them. Think about tax rules, thats the level of complexity you get when government writes the rules.

      In my opinion recent rules changes like the 14 hour rule and the absolute inflexibility of the law essentially encourages problems like speeding and the constant introduction of inexperienced drivers. Better enforcement is key. That would apply to everyone not just trucks. We need to aggressively go after aggressive driving, cell phone use and rule breaking.

      You should see what I see in a day. People will risk their lives and the lives of others just to gain one position forward. Others are on the phone in the middle or left lane doing 50 and weaving over all the lines. Then there is the guy who will swoop in front just to get an exit ramp or racing up the shoulder where his/her lane ended to get in front of other vehicles. I mean trucks as well as cars.

      These are difficult cases to prosecute, hell they are difficult to even explain, but that must all be pursued as well as log violation as well as speeding and equipment issues. Trust me, there is a lot of enforcement regarding big trucks equipment on the highways and in our area. I see it every day and have been inspected myself on many occasions.

      Safety starts with YOU! Dont send the text, dont speed up through the changing light, dont push the envelope trying to cut in front of someone, dont do the U turn in the median when your side is backed up. Be courteous, think about what action helps the flow of traffic and not the action that just helps you at the expense of others. And knock it off with absolute and inflexible restrictions on truckers’ time, that encourages speeding.

  • Conrad

    Ohio did this for years with separate speed limits for cars and trucks and it did not work. They found out that it doesn’t make the roads safer and now all vehicles have the same speed limits. All drivers on Interstate highways get used to traveling at the highway speeds. With all the distractions there is always one driver that does not pay attention and slams into the backside of slower traffic.
    All safety is not safety; some of it is just political BS. I drove one big rig for years that did have a governor; I never felt safer – I felt like an accident waiting to happen. How would you like to drive 58 mph in a 75 mph speed limit? I don’t know how many close calls I had with drivers coming up too fast behind me!

  • Bknarck

    Let’s slow down the motorcycles then worry about the trucks. They’re a larger safety issue. The only time I see a motorcycle is when he blasts past me doing at least 20 mph over the speed limit. Yet I never see a cyclist getting a speeding ticket. I’m tired of seeing signs saying watch out for motorcycles. How about some signs saying motorcycles slow down and drive the speed limit.

    • Bill K

      OK, you downvoters…..please explain yourselves. You WANT motorcycles to be going 20 MPH faster than everyone else? You condone speeding?

  • Les

    This will be a disaster. Truckers will be forced to use the right lanes I’m sure, leading to yet more wrecks when mutants in cars cut them off while entering highways.
    Just another knee-jerk reaction by a clueless Federal government.

  • abolish congress

    If speed is the problem, why did they just raise speed limits to 70 in some areas? Government is trying to control every single aspect of our lives, it’s time to put the brakes on them. Less government intrusion and waste!

    • Sam

      The reason that they raised the limit, is that vehicles are more efficient and get better mileage.
      True, but going faster only sucks up more fuel
      DUH !
      And those mileage ratings on the vehicles are not based on 70 MPH,
      Another DUH !

      • go back to bed

        Sam, go back and count how many times you just contradicted yourself. Reading your statement just wasted 5 seconds of my busy morning and another 20 seconds to reply to your stupidity.

    • Don M

      The differential in speed is more critical than speed itself.

      I certainly agree with you about clueless government!!

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