Man Told Toddler to Put Up His Fists Before Beating Boy to Death: Prosecutor

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CAMDEN, N.J. – A New Jersey man has been charged with murder after he punched a toddler to death during a fight with the child’s mother over groceries, according to prosecutors.

Zachary Tricoche, of Pennsauken, New Jersey, was arraigned on murder charges Tuesday.

Tricoche, 24, allegedly delivered the crushing blow after getting into a fight with his girlfriend about the food she brought back from the grocery store.

His girlfriend’s son, 2-year-old Jamil Baskerville Jr., was sitting on a bed nearby and began crying. Tricoche then punched him so hard the boy flew off the bed and hit his head against the wall, prosecutors said.

When the child stood up, Tricoche ordered him to put his fists up like a boxer before knocking him unconscious, according to

The boy’s mother called 911 and took Jamil to Cooper University Hospital where he was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

Jamil, who weighed less than 30 pounds, suffered an injury to his liver and had signs of bruising on his chest, doctors said.

“Essentially, JB (Jamil) bled to death internally,” said Camden County Assistant Prosecutor Christine Shah.

Tricoche, who has multiple drug-related convictions, looked at the floor for much of the arraignment hearing. Multiple guards stood between Tricoche and Jamil’s relatives at the hearing.

“He should be put to sleep because he killed my grandson,” Jamil’s grandfather Gerome DeShields told

Tricoche is being held on $1 million bail.


  • T

    Does anyone understand the fast that the victim was a BABY? It’s evil to try to blame an INNOCENT. Don’t most babies do what their told to do? That GROWN man deserves to die not to have 3 squares meals a day a place to sleep with clean clothes. Anyone who thinks what that GROWN man did is fine and dandy is going to hell. Which is where that man is going to go when he does. Also what does it matter what nationality this INNOCENT BABY is? He deserved a chance at life and unfortunately for him an evil man took his future from him and left a big gap in his loved ones lives. As I said anyone who can justify what that man did is evil and he is going to hell. God bless that BABIES mother and family.

  • John Felix

    The first of the four rock throwers got county time — a lenient sentence (perhaps mainly because his relative cop spoke to the judge ) with work release, a cushy job — supposedly $ 12/hr, his cell phone with calls to the girlfriend , and the list goes on. My oh my. Sorry that his brain doesn’t fully develop till age 25. While he doesn’t deserve threats now, he deserves to stay in jail much longer.

    • Robin

      What does this have to do with with the death of this child ??? I live in the same town as him & he served his sentence. Move on its old news & over with.

  • Willie

    I say we chain em up, make precise incisions to his back, and pull his lungs out of his body and let him be! #JUSTICEISSERVED

  • unbelievable

    These toddlers start out so young with their violence nowadays. All my children’s baby photos never them with clinched fists ready to fight. If i was zachary’s lawyer, i would definitely be playing the self defense card.

  • Bobby

    He should be put to death, but not by the chair. He should be beaten to death so it can be slow and painful

    • Thomas

      Sign me up for that task. Im not that big so it may take awhile to accomplish that task. Slow and steady!

    • Reagan Nixon Faust

      Okay. This guys deserves to die. No argument about it..BUT. New Jersey doesn’t have the electric chair, they don’t have the death sentence. All you TRUMP supporters are so well informed.

      • BERT WICK

        TRUMP 2016 DONNY CAN DO IT! He will bring back the chair! He will send minorities back to the own countries! We will all have mansions and limos. We will all be on TV. TRUMP 2016

      • trump's love child

        Bert wick is right. Once trump is elected english will be our official language again, illegal trash will be railroaded in box cars back home, we will be allowed to say “merry christmas” again, and we can ALL say, “yahoo!, the greatest president since Ronald Reagan!”

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