Local Volunteers Help Louisiana Flooding Victims

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SCRANTON -- Several people from Lackawanna County have just returned home after spending nearly a week helping victims of the massive floods in Louisiana.

"This is not a place where it typically happens," said Rev. Kristian Bjornstad of Peace Lutheran Church in Scranton. "In fact, it had never happened so it was a shocking thing for these people to see the water rise."

Bjornstad, along with two other local volunteers, met up with other national members of the Peace Lutheran Church and made the trek to Louisiana. The volunteers helped people remove moldy drywall and cleared out many of the ruined furniture.

"I opened up the wall oven and this water came out fell down in front of me and filled up my boots," said Susan Crosbie of Roaring Brook Township.

And the efforts of the volunteers aren't going unnoticed.

"It was really fantastic to have people that far away, especially with my daughter-in-law who is from Hamlin, PA," said Chris Efferson of Baton Rouge. Efferson's home was okay, but several of his relatives have been displaced. "I'm familiar with the area and knew some great folks up there from being there. It's just unbelievable."


  • Les

    Why did it take Obama so long to show up? Golfing was more important?
    Remember when the media crucified Bush when he showed up 2 days late for Katrina? I do.

  • pa. border patrol

    Volunteers, we have three local disaster zones right here locally. They’re called scranton, wilkesbarre and hazleton. Why didnt you stay home and clean them up first? Too scary?

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