Paying For Parking Helps Pay It Forward at Little League World Series

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- They are making up games that were rained out over the weekend at the Little League World Series, and when it comes to parking, you could say it's at a premium when thousands of people are in town.

But much of the money collected to park goes to a good cause.

A business just across the road from the complex offers up its parking lot every year to raise money for a charity.

If you thought Lamade Stadium was packed, you should check out Route 15.

"I'm in somebody's front yard," said Don Shreffler of Virginia. "I don't like that but you know there's not a whole mess we can do about it. There is a lot of folks here. And you know there are only so many places you can park."

Most homeowners near the fields give up their front yard for two weeks so Little League fans have a place to park.

Beiter's Home Center, a business that's right across the road, gives up its entire parking lot every year since Beiter's first opened back in 2003.

The business has offered up its parking lot to help raise money for a local organization.

This year during the Little League World Series, all the money raised from cars in the lot will benefit Andrew's Special Kids Foundation. It helps children with disabilities in Lycoming and Clinton Counties.

With more than 100 spaces in the lot, Andrew's Special Kids hopes to raise about $15,000 this year.

"We're just honored that Beiter's picked us again for the second year in a row," said Amy Krieble.

Beiter's is open during the two weeks of the Little League World Series and has a small portion of parking for customers.