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Talkback 16: Former AG Kathleen Kane, Presidential Candidates, Little League World Series, Talkback 16

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In tonight's edition of Talkback 16, callers comment on former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the candidates fighting for the White House, the Little League World Series, and Talkback 16, itself.


  • Sharon M. Manzer

    The guy that made a comment on todays news about the Little League World Series, what does he mean it isn’t news worthy. All of those young players from all around the world and across our country have made great achievement to represent their teams. It’s just as news worthy as any other sport. Best of Luck to all the Little League teams.

  • Nu Liform

    wow…..over the years, i often think this when listening to Talkback commenters played over the air…there Really Should be Mandatory, Standard Equipment, breathalyzers installed on Every Phone..allowing drunks & stoners to Only be able to call 911, nothing more. ignore em Dave & Keep Up the Good work! League is Not trash…talking like that TB16 commentator did about childrens sports is trash though….and a little FYI Truth?..Hillery is, was, & Always Will be Far More Criminal than Kathleen Kane ever thought of being, as you will find out… willfully live in a cave… simply comedy relief…a distraction, in this most Frightening UNreal of ‘reality’ shows called american politics that the entire rest of the World is laughing hysterically about

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