In Columbia County, Trumping Up Big Business

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BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A shop in Columbia County is trumping up big business because of Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

DeFebo’s Graphics, Signs and Apparel in Briar Creek Township is hard to miss, with giant Trump cut-outs out front, an electronic Trump sign, and more than a dozen colorful Trump signs. It has become a Trump store, of sorts.

"It's nonstop every day. I have people saying we should advertise as a Trump store because people are coming from Dallas, from Wilkes-Barre, and they're telling their friends,” said owner Brian DeFebo.

Folks are stopping for selfies and pictures with the presidential candidate.

"I saw Mr. Trump outside and I'm a big supporter and I had to stop in!" said Micheline Horvath of Harveys Lake.

Inside the business, there's a ton of Trump gear.

"We have the stand-ups. We have t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, magnets, banners, flags," said DeFebo.

Customers have been stopping in.

"I was like we have to go check this place out!” said Michael Dennis of Berwick.

“We actually originally passed it and then we decided we had to turn around and go back,” said Alayna Harshberger of Berwick.

DeFebo says this all got started about a month ago when the Columbia County GOP requested some hats, so he made some and it took off from there."

"We did a run of 200 hats for them and they wished they had ordered 500 because they didn't last very long so that was the start of it,” said DeFebo.

DeFebo says his business has increased 40 percent because of all the Trump gear.

He says people from all over stop to get it and he's even raised some money to donate to the campaign, too.


  • Fiveo Coverup

    TAG TEAMING IN PLAY NOW and later: How much money will Obama collect from Saudi Arabia and other regimes if he is prodded to replicate the Clinton foundation once he leaves office? Clintons’ collected 25 million from Saudi Arabia plus tens of millions from other WOMAN HATING & GAY TORTURING regimes. Even if the Clinton foundation temporary shuts down international monies only if elected, a promise to pay or lateral move can still be in play.

    GO VOTE-STOP TERROR: I have been stalked everyday for the past 14 years and more intensely in the past 8 years due to ongoing complaints to the federal Govt. about human rights violations. The complaints have been based on a local law enforcement agency that safe harbors perverts who have been covering up horrific sexual stalking and sex scandals against my family that was master-mined as police retaliation. So based on personal experience of daily govt. stalking I question how the Boston bombers were interviewed twice by the FBI, and the Orlando gay night-club shooter was interviewed 3 times and the federal Govt under democrat policies are ignoring terrorist by pandering to their rights to terrorize. IMO this is based on pay to play concepts. Saudi Arabia and other terror sympathizing countries gave millions to the Clinton foundation and Dems in power appear to be allowing terrorist to set up and carry out plans in the west without being quietly monitored. Democrat policies appear to be progressively spreading terror by actively ignoring terrorist. While official perverts in the local police departments use surveillance for serial sexual stalking, mind games, sustained trauma and ongoing deadly threats. Then call you crazy if you react in anyway. IME the democrats in power believe officials can use surveillance to squash dissent to include sustained emotional rape (similar to repetitive kicks to the head), sexual controls, ongoing trauma and reverse hate crimes. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE, NOT CONTINUATION OF THE SAME REGIME…

  • A thinking man

    Look at all the free loading Canadians having there 2 cents. Killary good for the food stamp crowd and dead beats. Get a full time job, oh that’s right kenyancare killed those off.

  • Jaimie Madsen

    Scary how this racist, ignorant, sexist pig has gotten so many followers. Seriously people… I know he’s got some good ideas, but C’mon!! Common sense would tell you that he’s not fit to be president.

  • Valfreyja

    Yes, by all means treat our most important civic duty as a circus. Fall a gleeful victim to another cult of personality and wear their logos like good little consumers. Pretend you are fighting the establishment while you fuel it with every sale.

    This is not an endorsement of Clinton, but an acknowledgement that there is no lesser evil this time. Watching my countrymen behave like hedonistic Jonestown residents for political ideology at the expense of civic duty, decorum, basic human compassion, reason, the need for bipartisan compromise, and basic adherence to factual discourse, has for the first time in my life made me ashamed of my nation.

    I love you America, but lately I cannot love what you do.

  • lookback

    I heard the hats are being recalled due to a major defect. It seems when one buys this type of hat and wears it, a negative consequence occurs. Supposedly they leach grey matter from a persons brain thus causing incoherent thought, a propensity to discriminate and illusions of a father figure. I heard many have been or should be institutionalized because of these hats and it is estimated many more are walking around unaware they have this self inflicted disability. Thankfully Obamacare provides mental health care for these types of afflictions however another aspect of wearing these hats is said to be a total disconnection of the afflicted from reality, The CDC believes there is no cure for those infected as the normal methods of treatment don’t seem to work, the administration of common sense, truth, facts and logic have no effect on this insidious disease. It is thought the best treatment is to just stay away from those afflicted, keep your distance, try not to laugh at them or denigrate their childish behavior and remember folks, have some compassion, these people are really sick.

  • Uncle Samantha

    Where are those hats made? Just cause you printed words on them doesnt mean they weren’t made available by China.

  • Raven

    Look at that, Trump hasn’t even been elected yet and he is already bettering the economy and helping small businesses! Go Trump!

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