Pike County Man Sentenced for Election Fraud

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP — A judge in Pike County sentenced a man Monday in an unusual election fraud case.

Jurors convicted the man of trying to fix the election of the board in his private community.

Myron Cowher, of the Wild Acres Lakes Development in Delaware Township, must serve at least one and a half years in prison.

Jurors convicted him on 217 counts related to forgery, identity theft, and a slew of other charges.

Prosecutors in the Poconos proved Cowher schemed to forge ballots back in May of 2014.


    • Russell Cowher

      This case only proves that anyone can be entrapped. Mr. Cowher was actually conducting an investigation into security officers at Wild Acres who had been fired by the pricecutions main witness though no charges were filed against them by Robert Depaulis who was the security chief at that time, and is now in controller position “a $55,000.00 a year position.What would his employment prospects be if that information came out?

  • AreYou KiddingMe

    Of course he is a Republican. You can take a few minutes to find that out by getting his date of birth from the criminal docket and then looking him up on the PA voter registration site under Pike county.

  • Estella Guillen

    Very little information on your article. You give no details of the incident. My 10 year old could have done a better job reporting this.

    • Russell Cowher

      There’s a good reason very little information is out, because a lot of the evidence was quashed by the Judge and D.A. such as the fact that that the witness Robert Depaulis pled the 5th several times in an earlier hearing in this case to questions of illegal wiretaping on at least 10 occasions. The jury did not know if this or many other irregularities like Mr. Cowher being denied the right to speak in his own defense and that he had a severe neck injury and was medicated for most of the trial. I’m sure there will be a reckoning though Mr. Cowher may have to suffer needlessly in prison with severe injury for a while yet!

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