New Addition to the West End Fair

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GILBERT -- It doesn't look like much now, but come Sunday, a wooden structure will make its debut at the West End Fair in Gilbert.

The new addition will offer more room for exhibitors at this year's fair.

"We are happy we can expand. This is our 95th year and we are always growing and now we will have more room for exhibits," said Thomas Hodgdon, West End Fair Vice President.

The 5,000 square foot space will be home to hay and grain exhibits.

Usually, the fair officials put up tents in this section, but with the overflow of exhibits and patches of bad weather over the years, they decided on something more permanent.

"We definitely needed more space so we can continue educating people on that type of thing and keep all of the locals as well as new people coming into the fair," said Jamie Labar of Pocono Lake.

This isn't the only addition visitors will see here at the West End Fair within in the next few years. Next year, another addition will be built on to the fair office.

Thomas Hodgdon is the Vice President of the fair.

Hodgdon told Newswatch 16 it's nice to see this Monroe County tradition continue to grow.

"We are fortunate. We are still a fair here. We have people enter their local crops that they grow, tomatoes, onions, whatever and we still have cattle, rabbits, all that. We are still a fair here and not a carnival and we are very proud of that," said Hodgdon.

Others think whether it's an addition to a current building or more vendors setting up shop, they're all good signs this fair will be around for years to come.

"Oh, it's really nice because last year or the year before last they put the building out there and now there are putting another one back there. The fair is just growing and growing and it's a really nice area," said Colby Burnett of Stroudsburg.

The new addition is expected to be complete by the week's end.

Gates open at the West End Fair on Sunday.