Meeting for Proposed Rehab Center Rescheduled

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- A special meeting will be held on Thursday to address a plan to turn an old resort in the Poconos into a drug and alcohol rehab center.

The former Caesar's Brookdale resort on route 611 in Tannersville has been closed since 2008.

Some worry a place to help people with addiction could bring trouble to the area.

A meeting was scheduled Monday night but was cancelled because a lot of people showed up and Pocono Township officials decided it was too crowded to hold the meeting.


  • l8trg8tr

    It’s time to shut up and step up. The drug problem isn’t going away. I’d rather have a rehab located near me over a bunch of addicts running around burglarizing homes/people because they aren’t able to get the addiction services they need to get off the drugs. It’s time to stop with the NIMBY attitudes and start being part of the solution for this rampant health problem affecting the entire population in our country.

    • E

      Wow. “Step up”, “be part of the solution” and “it happens everywhere”. Lol. Denial, denial, denial from the coal region is what I hear. Typical. No heroin problem here in my area, that’s because this is an area of decent human beings, strong infrastructure and the population here actually addresses issues. We don’t spew out nonsense like “it happens everywhere”, “it could be worse”, “like you know everything” or my person favorite “duh listen to this guy duh”. Lol. The entire NEPA population ignores problems hoping they will go away, but they obviously only get worse. Your attention to the drug problem consuming your region is about twenty years too late. A typical half-as*ed response coning from a second rate area.

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