Kathleen Kane: What Happens Next?

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY -- After she was charged with perjury, Attorney General Kathleen Kane lost her law license in September.  First Deputy Bruce Castor has been the man in charge of legal decisions. Tuesday afternoon at 3:30, Castor is scheduled to hold a news conference in Harrisburg for the "operation of the Attorney General's office."

At this point, we're not really sure what happens next. Monday night, Kathleen Kane was found guilty of nine counts. The jury agreed with the prosecution's claim that Kane tried to inflict revenge on a former employee by leaking secret grand jury information to a newspaper. She then lied to cover it up.

According to state law, Kane doesn't have to resign until she is sentenced. A judge in Montgomery County Court said that sentencing should happen within ninety days.
Kane's attorney vows a appeal.

"We will continue this fight because we believe that our client has been wrongfully wrongfully accused of the conduct," Said Gerald Shargel, Kane's lawyer.

The district attorney Kevin Steele in Montgomery County believes justice was served, with Monday night's guilty verdict.

"We hope this puts some closure on this and hopefully people can move forward and get back to doing the business of the commonwealth and seeking justice," said Steele.

Governor Wolf issued a statement minutes after the verdict, calling for Kathleen Kane to quit.

Wolf wrote: "I implore attorney general Kane to do what is right, put the commonwealth's residents first, and step down from office."


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